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WHYY Audio: Day 2 at the Convention with Lily Gold

August 27, 2008

In her latest update from Denver, Lily brings Dave Heller up to speed on her attempts to get credentials for the Convention floor, her interactions with fellow high school students and her plans for Thursday night – Barack Obama’s acceptance speech.

Listen to the mp3 from yesterday’s chat between Dave and Lily.


First Day in Colorado

August 25, 2008

I woke up this morning much the same way as I did yesterday morning: to the sound of my phone, very, very early in the morning. Yesterday morning came the news of Obama’s vice-presidential pick in a predawn text message. This morning my cell phone alarm woke me up for an early trip to Newark airport. After an interesting flight full of excited Democrats headed for the Convention decked out in complete Obama regalia, I arrived in Denver Airport.

The airport is huge – there’s a separate train just to get from my terminal to baggage claim – but it’s also new, clean and well designed. Besides the obvious flood of Obama supporters crowding every walkway and jetway, there were policemen and dogs everywhere due to the elevated threat level. Every few minutes a recording would come over the loudspeaker and announce the elevated threat level. I swear, every time an election comes around, be it congressional or presidential, the threat levels go all over the place. (I wonder why.)

In baggage claim I met with the rest of my JSA group and we took a 40 minute shuttle to Boulder, Colorado where our hotel is. The hotel is nice and is full of JSA people, but I can’t wait until tomorrow when the action starts!

Dan Shipper is a junior at Princeton Day School in Princeton, NJ. He’s part of a delegation of high school students with JSA – the Junior State of America – who are attending the Democratic National Convention this week. Check back often for Dan’s on-the-ground accounts of the DNC.

The Anticipation is Building…

August 24, 2008

As I sit here on the eve of the opportunity of a lifetime, I find that there are no words left in my head.  I know that the title of this post may have led you to believe that I am bubbling over with excitement (which I am) but I just can’t seem to find any words left after the countless e-mails and phonecalls that have gone into the preparation for this day.  So instead of dealing with my lack of thoughts, I have spent the last 24 hours obsessing about the little details that go into preparing for an event like this, much as I would expect the people over at the Pepsi Center are doing as well.

Quite like those laboring volunteers, I too spent the day tending to my appearance, but instead of hanging up banners, I was in my manicurist’s chair dealing with hang nails.  In addition to my outward up-to-dateness, I also dove into this week’s issue of Time Magazine completely devoted to – that’s right – you guessed it – the Democrats. But, beyond my last minute cramming, the only prep that I have done preceding this hooplah of an event is following the ups and downs of election for the past year or so.  I guess the reason why I have spent the day doing trivial things is because the more I think about my lack of formal preparation, the more scared I get.

Now, I know I said that I have been devoid of thoughts, but I must admit that is partially a lie: I, like everyone else in the free world, waited in heated anticipation to find out when the pin would drop on Obama’s announcement of his running mate.  Luckily for me, instead of subscribing to Obama texts, I subscribe to CNN text message alerts, which means that I received my text at 12:52 am instead of waiting up until three.

Now for those of you who may wonder about the early morning Obama text, I read in this Fox News Article, not very Democratic of me I know, that the Obama camp scrambled to send out their text after their pick was leaked to the media (hence my premature CNN confirmed text).  But, despite the fumbling of the mass message, I completely 100 percent agree with the veep victor.

Biden adds experience especially in foreign policy, which is where Obama needs it most.  His liberalism compliments Obama nicely and his relationship with blue collar workers can potentially make Obama competitive in places dominated by Hillary supporters.  Now, I don’t mean to be a kill joy, but there is one major flaw in the veep selection (besides for the 3 electoral votes dominantly Democratic Delaware has to offer): Obama Biden.  Try saying that five times fast.

So, I guess I am filled with many thoughts, but the one in particular that seems to be dominating is my fear of the unknown, both in my role as a Junior StatesWOman and as a media correspondent.  But, now that I have found my way through the murky waters of my first post, I feel a sense of relief wash over me.  And I guess you will have to continue to tune in as I relate my escapades navigating my way through the waters of the DNC while trying to figure out how to be the best Junior StatesWOman I can be.

Lily Gold is a rising junior at Germantown Friends School and is attending the Democratic National Convention as part of the JSA – Junior State of America. Check back for her blog posts throughout the week and tune into 91FM for live reports with WHYY’s Dave Heller in the afternoon.

Joe Biden is the choice for Vice President

August 23, 2008

Just got my text message a few seconds ago. The choice is Joe Biden.

The news seems to have broken at least a half hour ago.  Guess it was a pipe dream to think that they could really keep it a secret from the press.

Nice try, though.

Text of the message:

From: 62262

Barack has chose Senator Joe Biden to be our VP nominee.  Watch the first Obama Biden rally live at 3pm ET on  Spread the word!

Who is the greenest veep?

August 22, 2008

Or “Greep” if you will.

Via Gristmill, Greenpeace provides an environmental scorecard for a bunch of Obama’s potential running mates.

Of the four they profile, it seems like Tim Kaine is the least green veep (legreep? Ok, now I’m just getting punchy.)

The other 3 – Biden, Sebelius and Bayh – all seem to pass the green litmus test.

Taking a break from Veep-a-mania with health care talk

August 22, 2008

I got to thinking that aside from Gristmill and a lot of what Matthew Yglesias writes, most of the blogs that I follow on regular basis are a little light on informed information about major issues and the commentary on the candidates’ policy ideas.

Take health care for example.  All of the veep talk and the preparation for the DNC, along with John McCain’s inability to remember the number of houses he owns, have completely buried any talk about health care policy.  There was a small glimpse of it when Senator Clinton started to make some rumblings but for the most part, we’ve been left in the dark by our mainstream media about how our health care system my improve (or not) under a McCain or Obama presidency.

To that end, I welcome “The Health Care Blog” to my blogroll and my Bloglines.  How did I find them?

Hmmm… Step 1: Type “health care policy blog” into Google.  Step 2: Click on first link that comes up.

It’s a veritable treasure trove of information about health care policy, new developments in health care technology, the industry of health care and attempts at reform.

In fact, on their front page, they include links to a bunch of posts that are specifically about Election 08. I’ll be following that feed mostly to see what they have to say about health care-related developments in the race.  Hopefully, they’ll have plenty to say because the candidates will start pushing this issue.  If not, we as voters should start pushing them to do so.

Meanwhile, (h/t – that’s hat tip to you new readers – to my new friends at the The Health Care Blog for a link to an awesome round up of a TON of blogging about health care policy.  The Workers Comp Insider provides the “Health Wonk Review,” a rundown and synopsis of a week’s work of health care policy blogging.

Clicking around in these links revealed a little something that I hadn’t seen in the mainstream press. Remember Harry and Louise? (Go ahead. Click the link. I’ll wait.) Well, they’re coming back.  And apparently, they kinda regret what they said back in the 90s. Kinda.  The group sponsoring the new Harry and Louise ad is a pretty diverse coalition that probably agree on just one thing – the system is broken and needs to be fixed.  How it should be fixed – that’s a different story.  Harry and Louise won’t be answering that question.

Ok… now back to Veep-a-mania.

Still waiting…

August 22, 2008

My phone remains silent as I await my magic text message from the great land of Obamamerica.

On the bright side, cable news must be going apoplectice over being kept in the dark like this.

Let’s join the VP frenzy, shall we?

August 22, 2008

I must admit.   I caved.  I went to Barack Obama’s website, which I won’t link to here because I think Google will give it to you at the top link for any search that’s remotely close to Obama.

I signed up to get a text message and/or an email of the announcement of his vice-presidential running mate.

Yes, I’m officially part of the frenzy.

So today on Y-Decide 2008, we’ll be suspending issues talk unless the issue has something to do with the choice of V.P.

Will it be Joe Biden?  If so, we can talk foreign policy – Russia, Georgia, Iraq, China, Africa, and so on.

Will it be Evan Bayh?  Let’s talk agricultural issues, economic issues affecting the Midwest and “Rust Belt” states, ethanol, and anything else you think that a Senator from Indiana would have some expertise in.

Will it by Tim Kaine?  He’s socially conservative, in touch with his faith, from a large, increasingly “purple state” that would just about seal victory for Obama if he were to win it.  Would the choice of Kaine bring in the faith-based electorate who might be turned off if McCain chooses Tom Ridge?  Would that choice force McCain’s hand away from Ridge, giving up a potential chip in Pennsylvania?  Kaine is popular in a “red state” despite his opposition to the death penalty, support for some gun control measures (VA is the site of the Virginia Tech shooting), and willingness to raise revenue for transportation and infrastructure.  At the same time, he’s opposed to abortion which makes him a little weak for progressives.  It is refreshing, however, to find an abortion opponent who also opposes the death penalty.

Will it be Kathleen Sebelius?  CNN must not think so since they don’t seem to have her house in their 4-way split screen in which they’re stalking Tim Kaine, Evan Bayh and Joe Biden.  But if so, she’s pretty strong on a number of populist issues in a decidedly socially conservative state (star of What’s the Matter With Kansas after all.)  She’s also popular in the environmental community for standing up to those who wanted to build more coal-fired power plants in her state.  Oh yeah, and she’s a woman not named Cleen-TON.

We should all know soon.

WHYY’s Delaware Tonight crew is in a special position with its longtime coverage of all things Biden.  I’m waiting to hear back about whether we have a reporter on the scene at Biden’s house.  When I find out, I’ll let you know.  So this blog might be your source for on-the-scene reporting from casa Biden.  If it’s any of the others, we’ll be your choice for on-the-scene reporting from my television tuned to CNN.

Check back throughout the day for updates!  I’m going to prepare a post so that when that golden ticket magic text message comes through, I’ll publish the result right away.

Candidates get religion

August 18, 2008

I didn’t watch it and the only thing I’ve learned by about Obama’s and McCain’s performances at the faith forum hosted on Saturday night by pastor/author Rick Warren, is that Obama brought his lawyer’s knife to a preacher’s gun fight and McCain may have cheated.

In a world with no room for nuance, I can’t believe that a forum touching on gay marriage, abortion and all of the other deep, philosophical and moral issues that our culture grapples with all the time, could have been that productive.  I’d much rather hear a couple of philosphers or theologans debate this than the guys running to head our secular (as far as I remember) government.

Democrats having hard time convincing voters to look past Election Day

August 14, 2008

At least on the issue of energy…

According to a Grist summary of a Rasmussen poll:

New polling from Rasmussen confirms current D.C. scuttlebutt: Republicans are winning on energy.

The reason can be boiled down to this: Voters overwhelmingly want prices brought down, they’re convinced that increasing supply is the way to do that, and Republicans are the ones most vocally calling for increased supply.

There’s lots in recent survey results to mull over, but the most important is this, the central truth of energy politics in the U.S.:

By substantial margins, voters believe that the Republican candidate’s top priority is finding new sources of energy while his Democratic opponent is more focused on reducing the amount of energy we consume. Yet a separate survey found that for nearly two-thirds (65%), finding new sources of energy is more important that reducing the amount of energy Americans now use.

This goes beyond my rant about low-information voters.  As a nation and as consumers of media, we need to start demanding that candidates, and the press who cover elections, begin covering these events with an eye towards educating and informing, not just entertaining.

I haven’t seen the television coverage of this poll, if there has even been any, but I suspect that most of the nets have been using “Democratic strategists” and “Republican strategists” to break it down, instead of the climate scientists, geologists and economists who should be explaining why finding new sources of fossil fuels will not bring the price of gas down substantially now or in the future.

Unfortunately, the way the game is played now, the only thing Barack Obama can do now is run away from this issue.  The only thing John McCain should do now is keep driving home the Drill Here, Drill Now message.  The rest of us… just hold on to your seats and pray.