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We’ve Moved!

August 27, 2008

After months of living in the parking lot, WHYY has adopted us and welcomed us into the fold at their website,

The Y-Decide 2008 blog is now officially part of the WHYY family of blogs.

Click here for the new home of Y-Decide 2008.

That url is:

All of the archived content from this site is there and we will continue to give our own take on this election and beyond.  All of our guest bloggers are coming along for the ride so check it out!


Pixar votes Democratic this time around

July 11, 2008

Onion AV club provides “Your guide to the WALL-E controversy”.

“What WALL-E controversy?” You might ask.

Isn’t that the movie that got near universal great ratings from critics around the country?  Haven’t people been leaving the theater making claims like “best movie ever” and “a historic moment in American filmmaking?”

Yes, yes and probably.

Apparently, though, the movie’s message (and every movie has to have a message, right?) has been stirring up the ire of some conservatives who claim that it’s “liberal fascism,” “hypocritical,” “too popular” (huh?), and my favorite, “prejudiced against fat people.”  In short, there’s a lot of politics behind and around this flick.

Gawker, as pointed out by AV Club’s O’Neal, hits the nail on the head, however, when they point to the bi-partisan nature of Pixar’s successful movies:

One reason for the conservative disappointment with the movie is because Pixar is the cultural equivalent of the swing voter: despite its hippie culture, the studio has been attuned to shifting public attitudes; indeed, given the lead-time on Pixar projects, it’s successfully anticipated them. The studio’s most political project before WALL-E was The Incredibles; the 2004 movie is a not-so-disguised argument against enforced equality and political correctness, and was adopted by conservatives as a morality play of their own. This time, however, Pixar is voting Democrat.

Maybe political scientists in the future will be studying the “Pixar” effect on elections.  We’ll see how this one plays out.