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First Day in Colorado

August 25, 2008

I woke up this morning much the same way as I did yesterday morning: to the sound of my phone, very, very early in the morning. Yesterday morning came the news of Obama’s vice-presidential pick in a predawn text message. This morning my cell phone alarm woke me up for an early trip to Newark airport. After an interesting flight full of excited Democrats headed for the Convention decked out in complete Obama regalia, I arrived in Denver Airport.

The airport is huge – there’s a separate train just to get from my terminal to baggage claim – but it’s also new, clean and well designed. Besides the obvious flood of Obama supporters crowding every walkway and jetway, there were policemen and dogs everywhere due to the elevated threat level. Every few minutes a recording would come over the loudspeaker and announce the elevated threat level. I swear, every time an election comes around, be it congressional or presidential, the threat levels go all over the place. (I wonder why.)

In baggage claim I met with the rest of my JSA group and we took a 40 minute shuttle to Boulder, Colorado where our hotel is. The hotel is nice and is full of JSA people, but I can’t wait until tomorrow when the action starts!

Dan Shipper is a junior at Princeton Day School in Princeton, NJ. He’s part of a delegation of high school students with JSA – the Junior State of America – who are attending the Democratic National Convention this week. Check back often for Dan’s on-the-ground accounts of the DNC.