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WHYY Audio: Day 2 at the Convention with Lily Gold

August 27, 2008

In her latest update from Denver, Lily brings Dave Heller up to speed on her attempts to get credentials for the Convention floor, her interactions with fellow high school students and her plans for Thursday night – Barack Obama’s acceptance speech.

Listen to the mp3 from yesterday’s chat between Dave and Lily.


WHYY Audio: Dave Heller chats with special correspondent Lily Gold

August 26, 2008

You’ve been reading Lily’s and Dan’s posts from the DNC.  Now here’s your chance to catch her first report back to WHYY’s Dave Heller.  The following piece aired yesterday afternoon on 91FM.

Click here to listen to the interview.

Lily sounds like she’s having a great time and, as Dave said, she’s learning one of the most important lessons in politics – how to network.

Check back again later tonight and tomorrow for more of Lily’s and Dan’s dispatches from the DNC.