Great Scott from the RNC

Hey folks, I’m Scott Schubert, a Jewish American teen from East Brunswick, New Jersey.

I am in many ways an average teenager.  I play tennis, hang out with my friends, and play guitar in my high school’s jazz band.  One thing that sets me apart from most of my peers is my political affiliation. I consider myself a Republican and have been an avid supporter of John McCain since the beginning of the race for the Republican nomination for President.

As a politically conservative teenager from a predominantly liberal community, I have found it difficult to find many people who agree with me on both political and social issues. My friends from my school and my synagogue constantly question my views.  I frequently get barraged – usually in good humor – by my liberal classmates in my civics class, Model Congress club, and even in everyday conversation.

One of the main reasons I am excited to attend the Republican National Convention is the opportunity to meet Republican teens from around the country.  I have been involved with Junior States of America (JSA) throughout high school and I have met open-minded, interesting students from all political viewpoints.  When the JSA RNC program was announced, I knew that it would be the opportunity of a lifetime. My peers and I will hear from and question politicians, campaign managers, lobbyists and party leaders.  I hope to spend time with the New Jersey delegation and learn more about my state’s Republican organization.  I will get to experience the energy, passion and political intricacies of a Presidential Nominating Convention that most people can only imagine as television viewers.

I look forward to a great learning experience at the RNC.  After the convention, I plan to campaign for John McCain with a better understanding of his policies.  I also hope to be able to discuss and critique the policies of the Republican Party and to effectively debate my friends and classmates throughout the Fall.

Check in with me between now and the RNC as I prepare for the trip and then read my dispatches from the Convention.


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