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Election Day cartoon-style

April 24, 2008

A great regret in my life is not having this on primary election day.


Election problems map in Philadelphia

April 22, 2008

The good people at the Committee of Seventy are tracking many of the more glaring complaints here on Election Day. Check out what’s going on in your ‘hood here.

Drunk men get to electioneer, too

April 22, 2008

It’s always alcohol.

Latest complaint out of South Philly, 5th and Passyunk that came into the Committee of Seventy.

Man sitting outside drunk handing out Hillary material…man starting cursing out voter…no one in charge said anything or seemed to care – drunk man is still there but has quited down a little – this is the 2nd time this guy has done this to this particular

Johnny Doughtery’s eight little dwarves

April 22, 2008

Holler at John Dougherty. Say what you will, but the man has his loyal supporters.

This as a complaint that came into the Committee of Seventy from a voter, as recorded by a Seventy volunteer.

Caller was calling to see if there was a limit as to number of supporters for a campaign at each polling place. There were 8 men standing at the door for the polling place for John Dougherty’s campaign.

Updated: another, at 12:15 p.m.

electioneering!!!! — election workers– inside polls – gave out info to vote for dougherty & obama

The problems of a multilingual Philadelphia Election Day

April 22, 2008

Philadelphia has had a sizable Spanish-speaking population since, at least, the 2000 census, and, while it’s growing, the city is getting more diverse in other ways.

A complication of that is certainly language obstacles and immigrant interaction with government. Philadelphia ballots have Spanish  translations of candidates, instructions and ballot questions, but not for other languages. So, other groups, like the Committee of Seventy, have to step in and help underserved residents get the chance to vote. Note this complaint from a voter at 953 N. 10th Street who called into Seventy earlier today, as recorded by a Seventy volunteer.

Voter was turned away from polling place in Chinatown and told to go to another polling place which he does not think has a Chinese language interpreter. Poll monitor calling this in said that two other voters have been turned away from the same polling place.

Irrate, Bolivian pro-Hillary business owner

April 22, 2008

Oh, the Philadelphia polling excitement continues.

Ward 5, Division 13. Irrate pro-Hillary business owner (of Bolivian extraction) of store adjacent to polling place kicked Obama signs, paid people on the street to tear signs down, confronted and physically intimidated Obama campaign volunteers and pursued workers to their local office down the block where he continued his intimidating behavior until escorted out/asked to leave.


Does the “irrate pro-Hillary business” owner’s “Bolivian extraction” seem unnecessary? Well, then clearly you are unfamiliar with the ridiculous details people thunder into hotlines run by the Committee of Seventy on Election Day.

Oh, the voting is in the back room

April 22, 2008

Primary day is dicier in Philadelphia than anyone else. This is why media swarm this wonderful city on election day.

How about this complaint that was sent to the Committee of Seventy for the 11 and 12 district of the the 33rd ward.

Concern re polling place in neighborhood – Bar open and serving liquor – voting in back room – people eating and drinking in front room – bar opens at 11 – has not been there today but this has been the situation in the past and bartender said no change in schedule for today’s election day – this has been reported to neighborhood agencies but they are not real interested and not sure if any action taken – she is under impression no alcohol at polling place

Polling place moved for crime scene

April 22, 2008

What’s the least comforting reason for your polling place to be moved? Because it’s a crime scene.

But, that’s what’s allegedly happening in North Philadelphia, for the 25th Ward, 14th division. A troubling reminder of life for some on the 1800-block of West Somerset, near Lehigh and Glendwood Avenues.

I’m Republican: should I bother to vote?

April 22, 2008

Sometimes people give you a gift.

I’m helping oversee Philadelphia’s polling locations with a team of more than 800 volunteers collected by the Committee of Seventy.

I am looking at an entire database of complaints around the region.

I am going to share the best of them all day.

Here’s one.

In at 7:35 a.m. from a Chester County man.

I am a Republican. Should I bother to vote?

In this region, that is a real question, particularly when even the suburbs are going blue. But, in Philadelphia, for one, there are ballot questions that everyone can vote on. So get out there.

Philadelphia’s old vote…

April 22, 2008

Well, the Committee of Seventy leaders I’m leading are maneuvering the (mostly) peaceful confines of the central Northeast, I’m not doing much this early on. -Although I have gotten several complaints about the lack of handicapped access at the Pollock Elementary School on Welsh above Holme Circle.

Anyway, so I’m reading up on Pretty sweet story about a 103-year-old black woman who has been voting since 1924. (do the math yourself). Check it out here. Kuods to Elmer Smith.