Taking a break from Veep-a-mania with health care talk


I got to thinking that aside from Gristmill and a lot of what Matthew Yglesias writes, most of the blogs that I follow on regular basis are a little light on informed information about major issues and the commentary on the candidates’ policy ideas.

Take health care for example.  All of the veep talk and the preparation for the DNC, along with John McCain’s inability to remember the number of houses he owns, have completely buried any talk about health care policy.  There was a small glimpse of it when Senator Clinton started to make some rumblings but for the most part, we’ve been left in the dark by our mainstream media about how our health care system my improve (or not) under a McCain or Obama presidency.

To that end, I welcome “The Health Care Blog” to my blogroll and my Bloglines.  How did I find them?

Hmmm… Step 1: Type “health care policy blog” into Google.  Step 2: Click on first link that comes up.

It’s a veritable treasure trove of information about health care policy, new developments in health care technology, the industry of health care and attempts at reform.

In fact, on their front page, they include links to a bunch of posts that are specifically about Election 08. I’ll be following that feed mostly to see what they have to say about health care-related developments in the race.  Hopefully, they’ll have plenty to say because the candidates will start pushing this issue.  If not, we as voters should start pushing them to do so.

Meanwhile, (h/t – that’s hat tip to you new readers – to my new friends at the The Health Care Blog for a link to an awesome round up of a TON of blogging about health care policy.  The Workers Comp Insider provides the “Health Wonk Review,” a rundown and synopsis of a week’s work of health care policy blogging.

Clicking around in these links revealed a little something that I hadn’t seen in the mainstream press. Remember Harry and Louise? (Go ahead. Click the link. I’ll wait.) Well, they’re coming back.  And apparently, they kinda regret what they said back in the 90s. Kinda.  The group sponsoring the new Harry and Louise ad is a pretty diverse coalition that probably agree on just one thing – the system is broken and needs to be fixed.  How it should be fixed – that’s a different story.  Harry and Louise won’t be answering that question.

Ok… now back to Veep-a-mania.


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