McCain tech policy


New York Times The Caucus breaks it down.

HuffPo’s Art Brodsky breaks it down even further and explains why it may be bad for you and me… unless you are Verizon and I am AT&T…

..while David Weinberger provides The Words Not Found in McCain’s Tech Policy:

Words Not in McCain’s Tech Policy

| blog |social network | collaboration | hyperlink | democracy | google | wikipedia | open access | open source | standards | gnu | linux | BitTorrent | anonymity | facebook | wiki | free speech | games | comcast | media concentration | media | lolcats |

I’m just happy not to see “the google” or “the internets” in there anywhere.


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One Response to “McCain tech policy”

  1. David Gerard Says:

    McCain and Wikipedia has vast comedy potential. (Feel free to propagate the picture.)

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