Democrats having hard time convincing voters to look past Election Day


At least on the issue of energy…

According to a Grist summary of a Rasmussen poll:

New polling from Rasmussen confirms current D.C. scuttlebutt: Republicans are winning on energy.

The reason can be boiled down to this: Voters overwhelmingly want prices brought down, they’re convinced that increasing supply is the way to do that, and Republicans are the ones most vocally calling for increased supply.

There’s lots in recent survey results to mull over, but the most important is this, the central truth of energy politics in the U.S.:

By substantial margins, voters believe that the Republican candidate’s top priority is finding new sources of energy while his Democratic opponent is more focused on reducing the amount of energy we consume. Yet a separate survey found that for nearly two-thirds (65%), finding new sources of energy is more important that reducing the amount of energy Americans now use.

This goes beyond my rant about low-information voters.  As a nation and as consumers of media, we need to start demanding that candidates, and the press who cover elections, begin covering these events with an eye towards educating and informing, not just entertaining.

I haven’t seen the television coverage of this poll, if there has even been any, but I suspect that most of the nets have been using “Democratic strategists” and “Republican strategists” to break it down, instead of the climate scientists, geologists and economists who should be explaining why finding new sources of fossil fuels will not bring the price of gas down substantially now or in the future.

Unfortunately, the way the game is played now, the only thing Barack Obama can do now is run away from this issue.  The only thing John McCain should do now is keep driving home the Drill Here, Drill Now message.  The rest of us… just hold on to your seats and pray.


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One Response to “Democrats having hard time convincing voters to look past Election Day”

  1. leapsecond Says:

    Well said, sir. Unfortunately, as you pointed out, the vast majority of the american public wants to be entertained while they get their news, so it’s natural that facts from specialists are omitted from the circus that we call cable news.

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