Who’s doing the best job covering the presidential race?


According to Mark Potts, it ain’t the traditional news sites:

…But too many news organizations still are not doing a particularly good or innovative job of providing online campaign coverage that goes beyond standard print and broadcast coverage.

Potts’ recommendations for good sites includes:

  • “The remarkable FiveThirtyEight.com
  • “PolitiFact.com, by the St. Petersburg Times and Congressional Quarterly…”
  • “Patchwork Nation, by the Christian Science Monitor…” (but according to Potts: “I wish it had gone farther, and opened itself up to blogs and contributions from readers all over the nation, not just those 11 blogs. That would really bring the patchwork map that dominates the site to life.”)
  • “Poligraph, by HealthCentral.com (another former client) does an interesting job of tracking the candidates’ positions on health care issues…”
  • “YouDecide, by San Francisco public TV station KQED…” (and it has embeddable widgets, AWESOME!)

Y-Decide by WHYY must have just missed the cut.  Anyway, I’ll be adding all of these sites to my blogroll soon.

UPDATE: And after looking at my site, I realized that I’d have to have a blogroll to add to it.  A problem that will soon be fixed.  Baby steps, folks, baby steps.


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