Low information voters wrecking the environment, apparently


From Grist, more tinder, as if it were needed, to add to the ball of flame that is my anger with the willfully ignorant (aka low information) voter:

Supporting drilling is a way of reaching out to low-information voters. But low-information voters don’t make up their minds based on policy details; they make up their minds based on symbolism and perception of candidate gestalt. For Obama to say “Drilling does not do any good in the long run or the short run, but I’ll support it as part of a political deal” does not convey good symbolism or make him “feel” like a good candidate. It looks weak; it looks like pandering. It’s not going to impress drilling supporters any more than drilling opponents.

So while most of the fault would seem to lie with Obama for “pandering,” if more folks would take the time to get even an elemetary grasp on the issues, those vying for office wouldn’t have to resort to this.

And if I had a billion dollars…


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