Edwards and Obama


I’ll let Joe Klein handle this one since he seems to have spelled it out in a way that I can get behind, with one exception, which I’ll explain in a sec:

The answer is: Edwards’ adultery is not a problem for Obama any more than Larry Craig’s importunings should be a problem for McCain. As for McCain’s alleged adultery–it’s been denied by both parties and I really don’t care about the Senator’s sex life. I do care about the fact that he is running a campaign filled with lies about his opponent’s positions, a campaign that is conducted in a snarky, subversive tone that is entirely inappropriate to American politics. I wish my colleagues would spend more time talking about what a disservice McCain is doing the country and less time “analyzing” why McCain has to tear down Obama in order to win. (If tearing down Obama is the only way he can win–and this should be obvious, but apparently it isn’t–McCain doesn’t deserve to win.)

In general, I agree with Klein’s point that we, the media and the country, are waaaay too obsessed with the sex lives of politicians and whether or not they may have tried a little of the ganja while they were in college (or even more recently).  On the other hand, knowing that this is the case and knowing that nothing remains a secret forever, the politicians should be quicker in admitting to these transgressions, seeking forgiveness from their families and moving on.  Enough with the cover ups.

But my real disagreement with Klein comes with this particular point:

…and I’m profoundly uninterested in what Larry Craig does in the loo.

While I am also uninterested in the details of what Craig was doing in that loo, when any politician participates in an act that they themselves would condemn other people for, it’s the hypocrisy that deserves the focus.  Not the act.


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