McCain might have some ‘splaining to do


From NYT (and please read the whole thing):

Campaign finance records show Mr. McCain collected a little more than $50,000 in March from members of a single extended family, the Abdullahs, in California and several of their friends.

Amid a sea of contributions to the McCain campaign, the Abdullahs stand out. The checks come not from the usual exclusive coastal addresses, but from relatively hardscrabble inland towns like Downey and Colton. The donations are also startling because of their size: several donors initially wrote checks of $9,200, exceeding the $2,300 limit for an individual gift.

I’m not a big fan of campaign finance indiscretions becoming a determining factor for an electoral choice.  After all the candidates themselves are often far removed from these bundlers and often get to meet them only when it’s time for that obligatory photo op.  However, if McCain’s senior campaign leadership doesn’t step in, return the money and cut off all contact from these overzealous, ethics-challenged bundlers, it will say a lot about the type of White House that he intends to run.


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