I know it’s energy week but…


So Obama commits to making this week the “all about energy week” and McCain follows suit with his own energy plan, which apparently has had something to do making fun of Obama.

This leaves me wondering, what will we get next week?

When is the last time we heard about health care?  How about education?  To the extent that any energy policy necessarily includes talk about the burning of fossil fuels, we heard a little about the environment but what about other parts of that like clean water and sustainable land use?

Fortunately, with Senator Clinton getting back into the fray, health care has a chance to re-enter the fray since, this is one of the issues in which she is more progressive and comprehensive than Obama.

But wait according to this reporting from Ben Smith, it seems, in Clinton’s view, that Obama was right all along:

Q: One of the main reasons that I voted for Hillary is her plans for health care. Can you make a comment on how health care [will be] carried out in the next administration?

A: I am so pleased that Sen. Obama shares my commitment to universal health care. Once he is elected, I will be working closely with his administration, members of Congress, health care advocates, and others — to help develop a plan that ensures access to health care for every American. I know how important this issue is and it will be my top priority.

So it looks like the intramural debate over this crucial issue is over.  But when do we get the real, Republican-Democrat debate on health care.

I’m starting to hope for those Obama-McCain debates.  Maybe we’ll hear a little more about this and other crucial issues.  I just wish they didn’t have to be “moderated.”

Wouldn’t that be something?


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