McCain’s visit brings out hecklers and supporters


When John McCain visited a Lafayette Hill factory yesterday, his campaign sought to keep the event as a lowkey meeting with a prominent donor and a chance to talk to reporters.  Outside, the lure of the television cameras brought out the neighbors.  A couple of whom talked to WHYY’s Susan Phillips.  Susan talked to a war protester who wanted to send McCain a message that not everyone he would meet that day would be a supporter of the war.

Susan also talked to a registered Democrat who expressed her support for McCain saying that he “was right on the surge” and that “Obama wasn’t.”

“We would be losing in Iraq if we listened to Obama,” said Andrea Feldheim.

It helps if you listen to the story to get her tone and her full soundbite.

Feldheim doesn’t qualify as one of the low-information voters whom I railed against last week.  She has at least taken the time to consider an issue – Iraq – when making up her mind rather than depending, as far as I can tell from her five-second soundbite, on email forwards and spam blog comments.

Do I agree with her reasoning or her position on the war?  No.  But that’s not the issue.  Neither is the fact that she says she’s a registered Democrat.  We all know that there’s a ton of folks in that “swing vote” category for whom party identification is not an indicator of voting preference.

At this point it’s up to the candidates and the media to educate voters like Feldheim who are paying attention and who have decided to make a particular issue into their decision maker.

Susan also did a piece about McCain’s claim that “Obama continues to oppose offshore drilling and continues to oppose the use of nuclear power.”  Unfortunately for McCain, he was about a day late on half of that line of attack.  Obama, as I wrote about yesterday, has come around on offshore drilling but only as a compromise so that the Republicans in the Senate will agree to extend tax credits for renewable energy.

It remains to be seen whether the Republicans will level the “flip flopper” attacks on Obama since doing that would only reinforce the fact that Obama has agreed to look into offshore drilling – something that McCain and the GOP have been pushing for months now.  The far left is already a little miffed at Obama for changing his position on this but most are willing to look the other way given that the rest of his energy plan falls in line with a lot of the progressive policy prescriptions.


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