Obama and McCain, once more, with ENERGY


I’m running a little short on time this afternoon so I wanted to share all of what I think is the relevant coverage of “Energy Week” starring Barack Obama with special appearances by John McCain.

Let’s start with the special appearance.

In the suburbs of Philadelphia today, John McCain took some time out of his Britney and Paris bashing, set down his tire pressure gauge, and took on Barack Obama’s new energy plan.  WHYY’s Susan Phillips was there and filed this report (.mp3).

At the risk of burying the lede, however, whatever is this Obama energy plan to which McCain refers.  Let us count the ways, or blog posts:

Joseph Romm especially loves the part about plug-in hybrids.  I’ve said for a while now that my next car absolutely will be a plug-in hybrid.  It appears that if we follow Obama’s plan, that may be a little easier for me to do.

While Romm is able to set aside Obama’s little… uh… compromise on offshore drilling, others – especially the commenters on this summary post by Grist – aren’t so quick to let him off the hook.  David Roberts at Grist contends that Obama should just wait out the Republican opposition to renewable energy credits, not cave in on the drilling issue and paint the Republicans as obstructionist.  Beside, by next year it seems like Democrats will have like a 107 seat majority in the Senate anyway so why compromise now?

Still others, like HuffPo’s Raymond Learsy suggest that we can allow the offshore drilling but only if the lionshare of the revenue get plowed back into the government.  Heck Norway’s doing it.  Why shouldn’t we?  I’m all for it as long as we follow the Norwegian model of oil revenue sharing and not, say, the Saudi Arabian model.  That oil will run out in a few years anyway.  We may as well use the money to invest in the kinds of infrastructure which will make oil unnecessary anyway.

So there you have it.  Drill because of the compromise.  Don’t compromise and don’t drill.  Drill but keep the money.

Obama has laid out a comprehensive, point-by-point strategy over energy that even seemed to get some positive reviews on the cable networks – at least from what I was watching.  Will McCain’s and the Republicans’ response continue to be this “tire”d, old, “retread” of the air pressure gauge gambit?  Atrios hopes so.  Nothing like reminding the gear heads and NASCAR dads that Obama know how to use one of those things.


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