Obama, McCain tax plans get the Terry Gross treatment


And Terry is known for asking tough questions.

Earlier today on Fresh Air, Terry talked to top economic advisers from both campaigns and, for good measure, brought in an independent expert to evaluate the tax and budget plans of both candidates.

If you’re pressed for time, just skip to Len Burman, the independent expert.  He broke it down pretty well, pointing the strengths, weaknesses and omissions from both candidates.  The link for the Burman interview is here.


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One Response to “Obama, McCain tax plans get the Terry Gross treatment”

  1. Don’t believe what you hear about taxes « Y-Decide 2008 Says:

    […] take tax and budget policy as an example.  Late last week, I provided you with the link to a great episode of Fresh Air in which Terry Gross talked to an Obama adviser and a McCain adviser for about 5 minutes each […]

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