Environmental disaster won’t be saved by “the center”


So says David Roberts at the GristMill:

And there you have it, the essence of wisdom in the D.C. establishment. The one thing everyone in it can agree on: That everyone should agree. That both parties are half-wrong and half-right, and that if they’d quit clinging irrationally to their beliefs and meet in the center, everything would be hunky dory. Oh, and they — the establishment — get to define where the center is, if that’s OK with you.

He’s absolutely correct.  The public finally starting to come around en masse and put all of the pieces together on their own – reliance on fossil fuels + policies that discourage conservation + lack of funding for infrastructure and research = environmental disaster + economic instability + national “in”security.

This is not the time to entertain any of the failed policies of the right.  This is not the time for “compromise.”  This is the time to keep pressing and educating and working until opposition to progressive policies on the energy and environment are the only acceptable option.

When you win the Stanley Cup, you don’t let the other team have a few skates around the arena with it.


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