Obama, Race and how the New York Times became the National Enquirer for a day


Time’s Swampland took the time to break down the Times story about their poll on race relations in America.  The analysis is much more critical of the way the Times presented the data.  I chose to focus on the unfortunate ignorance among respondents that led to the poll results.

We’re both in agreement however about the potential of an Obama presidency – not just candidacy – on race relations in this country.  They basically say the same things I did, except slower, smarter and with more words.  Towards the end of my post, when I wrote that perhaps after four or eight years of an African-American president could help change those poll results dramatically, I was basically trying to make this point:

Are you kidding me? The guy just wrapped up the nomination. Racial divisions in the U.S. have a wee bit of a 400-year head start on him. If Obama goes on to win the election, I really hope the Times does this poll again in four years. Whatever the result, THAT would be a story.

I was also pretty curious about why Michelle Obama’s favorability ratings were so low but somehow I missed this bit of information:

Why on earth would the story say “there’s even racial dissension over Mr. Obama’s wife, Michelle: She was viewed favorably by 58% of black voters, compared with 24% of white voters.”

The numbers for Cindy McCain: 20% favorable among white voters, 9% favorable among black voters (!!!)

I’ve long made the argument that journalists care wildly more about candidates’ spouses than readers do, but someone needs to tell me why the racial dissension is “over Michelle Obama.”

And that, my friends, is why I generally don’t write about polls and news stories about polls.


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2 Responses to “Obama, Race and how the New York Times became the National Enquirer for a day”

  1. Freedom_Road Says:

    With Obamas war of hatred against America in full swing, and escalating, there isn’t a whole lot of humor going around about his presidential dreams these days. Being Americas greatest enemy from the inside isn’t anything anyone can find a happy future in. And America is only beginning to pay the price for his life in Washington DC that is still only speculation at best.

  2. Sally White Says:

    Obama is a great candidate for president. I’m supporting the guy. he is a true patriot since against all odds, he running for the campaign. Please support Obama! Visit WHYOBAMA08.org!

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