New York Times poll continues to reveal American ignorance


My random thoughts on the New York Times poll as I watch the 9th inning of the All Star Game.

Question 1: Why is this guy a “Democrat:”

“I don’t like some of his policies, like on energy,” said Bob Beidelman, 69, a white Democrat from York, Pa., about Mr. Obama. “Also I don’t like statements his wife made. She seems like a spoiled brat to me.”

He added: “I’m one of those white people who clings to guns and the Bible, and those things that Barack said kind of turned me off,” he said. “This isn’t a black and white thing. If a conservative African-American like former Congressman J. C. Watts was running, I’d have bumper stickers plastered all over my car supporting him.”

Those bumper stickers could go right next to his NRA stickers and the “If you can read this, you’re too literate.”  What specifically doesn’t he like about Obama’s energy plan?  The fact that it’s actually a plan?  Argh.  Spoiled brat?  So he basically feels about Michelle Obama the way I feel about Tara Reid.

More on Mrs. Obama:

There was even racial dissension over Mr. Obama’s wife, Michelle: She was viewed favorably by 58 percent of black voters, compared with 24 percent of white voters.

I can’t even explain this.  Michelle Obama has a lower (?!) favorability rating among white voters than the guy who could actually be elected president this November.

Does the following describe your life?

As it was eight years ago, few Americans have regular contact with people of other races, and few say their own workplaces or their own neighborhoods are integrated.

I have to admit.  My neighborhood is not as integrated as it could be.  In fact, at a neighborhood association meeting, I introduced myself to a longtime resident who was proud to inform me of the amount of diversity the neighborhood had gotten over the past few years.  “Used to be we only had Italian Americans,” he said, “now we have Irish Americans, Russian Americans, even some Jewish.”  Baby steps, I guess.

That’s what it’s going to take.  Integration in neighborhoods, living spaces.  It’s not enough to be “tolerant” since that’s just the middle of the spectrum.  In order to get to the opposite end, away from hate and intolerance, we actually have to get to “like” and “love” of the other.  That, my friends is allophilia.  Check out this great article into research on that topic.

Maybe four or eight years of a competent president, who happens to be black, can start us down the allophiliac path.  One can hope.


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