Don’t mess with taxes


HuffPo contributor Paul Abrams has some simple advice for Democratic “strategists” who get paid the big bucks to spout off on CNN: “Learn How to Discuss Taxes or Don’t Go on TV.”

He lays out 8 different points that should be brought up over and over and over again.  I wonder whether anyone will listen.  We’ll know when the phrase “They borrow and spend” gets played seven times in a row in one of those cleverly edited Daily Show montages.

Being one who appreciates grand, sweeping statements that are very difficult to disprove, I especially like the idea of hearing this a few times before November:

We had a $5 trillion surplus, they’ve turned into a $4 trillion deficit, a $9 trillion turnaround, the greatest financial mismanagement in the history of the world.

In the HISTORY of the world.  Damn, I wish I could on tv and say things like that.  Public broadcasting tends to frown on such wonder hyperbole.


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