Twitter for the over 70 set


Preparations for a certain live broadcast with the Mayor of Philadelphia on Friday took me away from my bloglines for a day, which, of course, meant that I had 850,000 unread blogposts by yesterday.

Unfortunately, it also means that I missed out on the first ever1 presidential debate on Twitter.

I’m a fairly recent adopter of Twitter – I suppose in the “early majority” . I don’t quite have the following that, say, Jesus would have had if Twitter had been around in the early 1st Century but I’m starting to understand its value a little more each day. Now, if only I had something interesting to say in 140 characters at least 5 times a day.

Had I read that Swampland post on Friday and had I not been otherwise engaged over the weekend, I just may have found myself watching the Twitter debate between @lizmair (McCain) and @mikenelson (Obama). Fortunately, since Twitter opened itself up to anyone who wants to anything with it (bathtub Tweets, anyone?) I can read the whole thing anyway… (time away to read the whole thing)

Aaaand I’m back. And my head is about to explode. I don’t think anyone has yet come up with a way to wrangle all of the craziness that goes on in the Twitterverse. Summize definitely hasn’t gotten it. After scrolling back about 20 pages I finally found Ana Marie Cox’s first question and the answers from McCain’s and Obama’s representatives.

Defining “tech” issue:


Internet taxes. JSM has led on a permanent ban.It’s instinctive for him, given the internet’s importance in driving innovation


No single defining technology issue, but a few consistent themes: (1) better information leads to better policy

And it goes on… and on… and on like this. Unfortunately, limiting answers to 140 characters doesn’t work when the respondents use 50 tweets to get them out. Even the moderator admits that all the Tweets are enough to induce seizures.

I wonder if McCain himself was watching any of the Twitterbate over the weekend. You know, since he lurvs computers so much. To be fair, I highly doubt that Obama has been Twittering away lately.

1At least as far as I know.


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