Global warning unheeded


Not a typo.  This guest column on Gristmill by NASA’s James Hansen reminds us that we knew about global warming a long time ago and chose to do… nothing.

This election truly is the most important of our time.  Both candidates profess to believe in the threat posed by global climate change.  It remains to be seen who will do a better job (a) educating the public about it and (b) convincing the public that their policies are the best way to fight it.

There are a number of folks in their late 40s, early 50s – the power folks – who are just as content to be as filthy rich as they can be now, no matter whether they get that money at the expense of sound environmental policy and sustainable principles.  They figure they’ll be dead anyway when the oceans finally are lapping at the foot of the Statue of Liberty and the planet looks like something out of Thundarr the Barbarian.

Will the next president enact policies that keep that group happy or will he be looking out for the rest of us and our kids?

I worry.


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