Thank global warming when you kiss good weather good bye


The debate about the existence of climate change seems to be over especially given that both candidates for president have at least acknowledged it.  Your not going to find too much high-profile opposition to the idea that human activity is profoundly affecting the earth’s atmosphere resulting in global warming.

What may still be at issue, however, is the effect of global warming on… well… the weather.  A lot of folks probably don’t understand the mechanisms by which global warming affects the actual day-to-day behavior of the weather.  Those who believe in global warming can wrap their heads around the idea that over 40 or 50 years, the average temperature of the earth will go up 4 or 5 degrees but what are the implications for the right now?

The Gristmill writes that a lot of the fault lies with… drum roll… the media.  In a post about a report by the multi-agency U.S. Climate Change Science Program, Brad Johnson writes:

The traditional media rarely discusses extreme weather events in the context of global warming. However, as the Wonk Room Global Boiling series has documented, scientists have been warning us for years that climate change will increase catastrophic weather events like the California wildfires, the East Coast heatwave, and the Midwest floods that have been taking lives and causing billions in damage in recent days.

The Midwest floods have attracted a lot of attention – by the media and by candidates Obama and McCain.  Would it possible for either of the two candidates to raise public awareness of the connection between global warming and catastrophic weather events without it coming off as a cheap grab for political points?  I know the first concern has to be for the people who have been affected by the floods and their plight should not be minimized.  But maybe, just maybe, the two of them could get together and make it acceptable to connect certain weather occurrences with global warming – thereby ending the tendency to label as “alarmist” those who do make the connection and increasing the urgency of the issue.


4 Responses to “Thank global warming when you kiss good weather good bye”

  1. Paulidan Says:

    That pesky pesky media, perhaps they saw a graph like this? You can massage the surface readings and call every data set to the hypothesis but the truth will catch up with you.

    The Sun must be taking money from the oil companies. It is denying global warming as we speak….

  2. moonkub Says:

    Good point! Maybe we would have fewer global warming deniers if people could make the connections between the climate and the weather!

  3. Sideffects Says:

    Global warming is happening, we get it. The thing is that the sun goes through these things called cycles. Every eleven years the sun gets warmer, then it gets cooler. I don’t understand how people are concerned about a naturally occurring phenomenon. In the 1970’s people were freaked out of their minds about global cooling. In fact, it went as far as putting soot on the ice caps…yeah, it’s probably not a good idea to mess with nature. If it makes you feel good inside to give up your cars and paper and whatever else, then go for it, but I’m sick of people trying to convince me that I’m killing the earth, because the temperatures change naturally, if they didn’t how was there an ice age millions of years ago, but not now?

    Visit my blog (for the other side) at

  4. Roger from Green Planet Solar Energy Says:

    One of the principles of the universe that we live in is cause and effect. This is not always direct and immediately visible, but to believe that we can perform any action, let alone polluting, without some consequential reaction is childish and foolish. That’s the same as expecting to be able to step in front of a speeding truck and not be hurt by the impact.

    We need to assess the effects of our actions and then either modify our actions or take measures to mitigate the effects.

    The “it’s not having any effect” line is so short visioned and pathetic that it fools nobody but its proponent.

    Look at this page on Carbon Dioxide properties from my website; every extra molecule of the stuff IS having an effect. Burying your head in the sand won’t stop it.

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