Health care reform – what would it look like anyway?


Some health-related issues going on in my immediate family have made me acutely aware of some of the limitations of this country’s health care system.  I happen to have some pretty decent coverage as does the rest of my family.  Even with good coverage, however, the obstacles to delivery of the actual care add to the stress of an already difficult situation.  There seems to be little premium given on speed.

Tests take days or weeks to schedule and then receiving the results of those tests takes just as long.

Treatment has to wait until after an actual diagnosis.

Meanwhile, the family and friends of the afflicted, not to mention the patients themselves, are left in limbo, waiting for the other shoe to drop.  We occupy a space somewhere between hope and realism.  Not wanting even to think that things will be ok for fear of having our world pulled out from under us when the inevitable bad news comes.

My hope for our system of health care delivery is that we can figure out a way not just to make sure everyone has access but that from the time of a suspected illness to diagnosis to beginning of treatment is cut down to no longer than one week.  If that means we need more doctors, nurses, technicians, offices, hospitals, machines etc.  then so be it.  Any plan that ignores these shortages ignores the stress that even the most well-covered people experience.

Anyway, this is all a way to throw a link towards HuffPo’s Art Levine who asks, “Can Electing Obama Get Us Real Health care Reform?”


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