There are no big “ideas” anymore


Great piece by another one of Matt Y’s substitutes. This one is from Kathy G:

The distribution of money and power in our society is basically what liberals and conservatives fight over. Liberals tend to want the money and power to be more equally shared, while conservatives want it to be concentrated in the hands of the corporations and the rich. But it’s considered rude to speak publicly of things so vulgar as money and power, so when attempting to persuade elites, both sides find it helpful to talk about “ideas.” That makes these things a lot more comfortable for all concerned — we can all pretend that we’re have a high-minded debate about ideals, instead of a grubby, down-and-dirty fight about power.

Check out the whole thing and Kathy G’s theory on why, since “ideas” are just window dressing anyway, conservatives are screwed this time around but will be back eventually.


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