Finding the source of “negative knowledge”


I can’t say that I personally have received and email forwards that try to tell me that Barack Obama is a secret Muslim or deep cover sleeper cell terrorist.  I see a lot of that in less moderated blog comments but no one I know has forwarded me anything about Obama (or McCain or Clinton for that matter).

In that, I guess I’m lucky.

In my previous post, I took a swig from Dick Polman’s bottle of rage-a-hol because of the willingness of people to be purposefully ignorant of politics, issues and the candidates but yet still base opinions of those candidates on easy-to-check facts that are often wrong.

To paraphrase Polman, smart people take flak for being “elite” or “eggheads” while stupid people seem to get off and are praised for “keeping it real.”

The more I think about it though, the more I’m coming to realize that being angry at the ignorant is like placing all of the blame on a drug addict and ignoring the pushers who supply the drugs.

I hereby take another pull from my 40 of rage-a-hol and spit it in the general direction of the folks who pushing their “negative knowledge” (purposefully incorrect facts) on the ignorant. has a story about the viral emails that are spreading a lot of the negative knowledge about Obama:

What began as a demonstrably false attempt to cast Obama as a Muslim has now metastasized into something far more threatening to the likely Democratic nominee. The spurious claims about his faith have spiraled into a broader assault that questions his patriotism and citizenship and generally portrays him as a threat to mainstream, white America.

Feel free to pass along any such email that you may have gotten and let me know who sent it to you.  You don’t have to name names.  I’m just curious about whether folks are getting these emails from friends and relatives or from strangers and spam generators.

One thing is for sure.  The Obama-dominated social networking site Facebook, probably isn’t spreading too many of these.


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