Another voice for Rendell as Veep


HuffPo contributor Paul Light joins the chorus of people who think that Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell would be a great choice as running mate for Barack Obama.

Although I’m still skeptical that this would ever happen and that it would be a good idea, the more the Rendell as v.p. gets posited as reality, the more I start to come around on it.

Is it possible that we in Pennsylvania, who arguably know our governor better than the national electorate, are the most skeptical about his chances to get into the White House?

I mean, ask any national sports writer about the Phillies’ chances to make the playoffs and they’d probably tell you that the team has a better than average shot.  Ask a Philadelphian, and they’d probably be a little more skeptical.

We love our teams and our politicians but we tend to overemphasize their shortcomings.


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