Another event I missed


As I scroll through my Bloglines, I’m reminded that I lost track of a pretty key election that happened last week while I was frittering away the days judging the guilt or innocence of some character named “Miami.”

In a special election for the Mississippi 1st Congressional District seat, a Democrat scored the victory in an area that is about as reliably pro-Bush as the president’s land in Crawford.

HuffPo blogger Dylan Loewe writes that this stunning turn of events, coupled with earlier special elections in Illinois and Louisiana mean that the revolution is nigh.  Several other portents of Republican doom have been been discussed recently all of which lead me to the conclusion that any poll or news report that says that Pennsylvania and New Jersey are somehow “in play” in a race between McCain and Obama is completely nuts.

At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if Georgia, North Carolina, and Texas are “in play” while PA and NJ are solidly blue.

Sorry Governor Rendell and Senator Casey, looks like your services as running mate may not be required after all.


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