A post-mortem from the folks who killed a campaign


The New Republic has a great article (hat tip to Dick Polman) which uses only quotes from within the Clinton campaign to explain why the Clinton campaign failed.

Here’s a good one that sums up a lot of the game planning, or lack thereof, for securing delegates:

“There was not any plan in place from beginning to end on how to win the nomination. It was, ‘Win Iowa.’ There was not the experience level, and, frankly, the management ability, to create a whole plan to get to the magical delegate number. That to me is the number one thing. It’s starting from that point that every subsequent decision resulted. The decision to spend x amount in Iowa versus be prepared for February 5 and beyond. Or how much money to spend in South Carolina–where it was highly unlikely we were going to win–versus the decision not to fund certain other states. … It was not as simple as, ‘Oh, that’s a caucus state, we’re not going to play there.’ That suggests a more serious thought process. It suggests a meeting where we went through all that.”

The last word in the article is probably the best:

“Her people spent all of 2008 making lists blaming each other (but never themselves) rather than lists of solutions.”


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