How one politician’s campaign may have ended the “honeymoon” of another


Philebrity poses the question about Michael Nutter: “Is the Honeymoon Over?”

Apparently, one of his readers wrote in and expressed some amount of consternation over a number of things, one of those being the mayor’s support of Senator Clinton:

In the past week we have had another cop killed and a police brutality incident. I’m not bitter he didn’t back Barack, but I am bitter he backed Hillz. At least John Street has an Iphone to show for his obsession with the irrelevant, the only thing Nutter might get is a primary challenge.

Philebrity, a big fan of the new administration, has this advice:

Keep your chin up. While many may bristle at your media game over the last two months, what nobody wants to admit is that between the PA Primary and now the Cop Stuff, you’ve been busting your balls doing both maintenance and damage control for the City in the national eye, and you’re pretty much the only person who can do it. And yes, we’re still smarting a little bit from the Hillz thing, but history is already having its way with all of that; pretty soon, you’re gonna forget all about that ridonkulous lil’ bitch Chaka Fattah and you and Obama will shake hands and get psyched together like you should have been doing all along.

And we in Philadelphia will just have to wait and see if Obama succeeds and, if so, how he will treat a mayor who wasn’t in his corner from the beginning. Hopefully, “a new kind of politics” doesn’t include any kind of retribution.

At least Nutter and Governor Rendell were careful not to out-and-out attack Obama as they stumped for Clinton. Rendell was a little better with this than Nutter (see Nutter’s quote about how he would have got up and left the church if Rev. Wright had said those things while he was there) but there’s still plenty of room for Nutter to stump for Obama in the general without having a bunch of embarrassing anti-Obama quotes thrown back in his face.


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