For your use: Commissioner Ramsey’s badass quote


Taking a brief respite from presidential politics to offer our readers a little gift on this Friday afternoon.

WHYY’s Susan Phillips attended a press conference held by Governor Rendell and Mayor Michael Nutter yesterday during which the guv and the may called on Congress to renew the federal assault weapons ban.  You can listen to here story with this link.

Rendell had some particularly pointed words for politicians who choose to side with NRA rather than the boys in blue but the real heated exchange took place between Commissioner Ramsey and an Inquirer reporter who began his question with “It says on wikipedia…”  Never a good way to start a question.

The entire confrontation can be seen in this video (h/t to Philly Will Do):

For those of you who are looking for an awesome, almost Wire-esque, Chuck Ramsey quote for your cell phone ring tone, you can

Add it to the freakin’ list [.mp3]

Feel free to right click and save as to download that clip (Ctrl-click for you Mac users).


One Response to “For your use: Commissioner Ramsey’s badass quote”

  1. :::Philebrity…media, culture, music and more::: » Blog Archive » After An Undetermined Time Spent Abroad, Commish Ramsey Returns “Frickin’” To Its Rightful Birthplace Says:

    […] We’d already put the site to bed on Friday when news broke of Mayor Nutter, Governor Rendell and Commisioner Charles A. Ramsey’s joint press conference, in which they called on Congress to renew the federal assault weapons ban. By now, you probably have heard the story. Some Comic Book Guy from the Inky asked a question that started out “But it says on Wikipedia that…,” and nobody was in the mood. Ramsey, for his part, cared not a whit for any kind of ‘pedia and duly gave the world this wonderful soundbite, which we now challenge you all to mash up with the MSTRKRFT remix of your choosing: Commisioner Charles A. Ramsey: “Add It To The Frickin’ List” [mp3 via WHYY] But all weekend, we kept thinking: This has got to be the first time in a long while the word “frick” has gotten such an outsize portion of newsplay. We always regarded it as a Midwestern variant of “fuck,” of course, but as it turns out, “frick” belongs to PA, the same state that gave you such joyful pejoratives such as “jitbag” and “dirtball.” Urban Dictionary mentions that, while the term is indeed a surrogate for the F-bomb, the term originates “[…]from the oppressive factory manager Henry Clay Frick who was hated by his workers. Frick was shot multiple times by the anarchist Alexander Berkman, then stabbed repeatedly until Berkman was pulled off the mangled near-corpse of Frick.” And where is Henry Clay Frick from? That would be Westmoreland County, PA — more of a Penguins thing than a Flyers thing, but still. Yinz can’t say Ramsey isn’t keepin’ it real. Now go motherfrick yourself. SuperTuesdayBlog: Dope, Guns And Fricking In The Streets […]

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