The sheen continues to wear off my favorite decade


My prediction:

If this video hasn’t already made it to the major cable nets, expect it to be on there in a few hours now that Drudge has it.

My lament:

Count me among those who just feel sorry that the former president has been reduced to this. Ex-presidents (and one particular vice president) are supposed to devote their time humanitarian efforts, diplomacy, policy development and generally living the good life on the rubber chicken circuit.

As I wrote yesterday, to see President Clinton getting into public arguments with 60-year-old women in West Virginia is just a little depressing.

The more the president lowers himself to this level, the easier it becomes to start remembering the not-so-great things about his time in office. If he had just been able to stay above the fray, we – at least those of us who were in high school and college back in the 90s – could have been left with the warming glow of our relatively peaceful and prosperous coming-of-age decade.

Just when I was starting to forget about Ken Starr…


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