Where’s the McCain-mentum?


Isn’t that great how you can just add -mentum to the end of anything and turn it into some cool action word.  Try it. (Dude, my cool-mentum is definitely slowing down.)

Anyway, while 90%* of the conversation on Tuesday night and Wednesday was about the Democratic primaries in North Carolina and Indiana, there was still some talk about John McCain’s inability to rack up the Saddam-esque numbers you would expect an uncontested, presumptive nominee to get.

Will Bunch has been following this trend ever since Huckabee and Romney dropped out and continues to wonder whether it bodes ill for the Senator from Arizona.

One of the commenters to his post makes it clear that McCain has nothing to worry about:

Conservative Republicans are simply trying to send McCain a message for the general election. I did it by voting for Romney in my primary. Sorry Will, but Republicans are not going to sit by and watch a left-wing radical like Barack walk away with the prize. Not without a fight, that is.

Of course, four comments are not a very statistically valid sample.  But the simple fact is that many in the GOP may just feel demoralized after the past several years of having a standard bearer who has absolutely been beaten over the head in public opinion polls.

They may choose to stay home, let the other team win and concentrate on fixing what ails the party with some new blood, new ideas and new messaging.  They’ll let the Democrats get fat and happy on their success, hope that the Dems lose sight of their grass roots support and then try to come roaring back out of nowhere.

Philadelphia sports fans know this strategy best by its other name “a rebuilding phase.”


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