Viewer questions for Obama – comedy gold


Obama looks a little bemused as he’s forced to answer the question from Joe Schmoe about his lack of support among blue collar workers.  I’m almost certain that was some CNN producer who was forced to run down to a lobby and his his iSight camera to make sure this question was asked.

I’ll have you know that we invented this form of tomfoolery when we had mayoral candidates Al Taubenberger and Michael Nutter answer questions from computer users in a forum that was broadcast exclusively on the internet.

I think I just heard global warming but I’m not sure it was mentioned in a glowing way.

To sum up the answer to this question, which I didn’t catch, America’s foreign policy is strengthened by having a strong economy at home, which means help out the folks who are struggling then watch out for China (who used to be cool).

And with a few nice words about his mother, the interview with Obama is over.


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