Obama in The Situation Room (aka Wolf Blizter’s awesome entertainment center)


So how did Wolfie do with the issues talk?

After three minutes of typical political talk (that Hillary Clinton, she sure was tough, wasn’t she?) the talk turned to issues.

Unfortunately the first issue was a completely made up one – made up by Mitt Romney who said that Obama doesn’t have the experience to be commander-in-chief.

Wolf turns it to domestic issues by parroting McCain’s “attacks” as a tax-and-spend liberal.  Why can’t he just ask a question without saying that he’s asking it because McCain will use it, thereby using it himself before McCain even says it?

Obama nicely explains to Wolf Blitzer (while assuring Wolf that the proprietor of the Situation Room can afford to pay a little more) that the “average” worker has stock accounts that are in a 401k account that doesn’t get touched by capital gains tax anyway.  That’s what he should have told Charlie Gibson during the debate.

Blitzer tosses a pitch right into Obama’s wheelhouse with a constitutional law question about his selections for the Supreme Court.

Now Wolf is teasing more to come, saying that Obama got “angry” about something John McCain said about him.  Judging from the clip, Obama’s “angry” is about as expressive as my “asleep.”  Perhaps Wolf was exaggerating just a bit.


One Response to “Obama in The Situation Room (aka Wolf Blizter’s awesome entertainment center)”

  1. Ron Says:

    I see you gave meat and potato’s qestions to McCain and you gave milk and cookie questions to Senator Obama. You see the polls are dropping for Obama, it show that the American public is getting smarter to the one sided news reporting. Don’t forget to tell people that before Obama spoke thier was a free concert.


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