Back from commercials – liveblogging “The Situation Room”


Wolf: McCain is all like, “dude, Obama’s such a surrender man”

Why do all of Wolf Blitzer’s questions involve 10 seconds of McCain quotes that attack Obama?  The latest one is that gem about Obama being the candidate of Hamas.

Obama just decried McCain’s name calling while saying that the 72 million year old Senator is “losing his bearings.”

Obama says “playing politics.”  Chug your beer.

Wolf: What does Israel mean to you?

Obama: (Democratic talking points about Israel) + (required mention of his own personal trip to Israel) + (How Israel strengthens his own faith)

Heading out to commercial again but not before Wolf teases with some user-generated video of a guy in his own “situation room” asking Obama whether he’ll have Clinton as his VP.  Thereby continuing the tactic of having “normal people” ask the “stupid questions.”


One Response to “Back from commercials – liveblogging “The Situation Room””

  1. A .22 caliber mind in a .357 magnum world « Y-Decide 2008 Says:

    […] I’d like to believe that I was the first blogger out of the millions out there to comment about Barack Obama’s use of the phrase “losing his bearings” to describe John McCain’s Hamas-hearts-Obama statement.  I did, after all, post it almost […]

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