Hey, Indiana and North Carolina, you’re up!


So what’s your prediction for the outcome of today’s primary contests in the Hoosier and Tarheel states?

I think the Tarheels would take out the Hoosiers by about 12 points but Indiana is sure to reach the Elite 8 in the next couple years.

Oh, right. There’s an election going on too.

My predictions:

Either Obama or Clinton will win Indiana and the other will claim that the closeness of the vote is a clear indication of the will of the Democratic party that he or she should be the nominee. Delegates (remember those) will be split almost down the middle – changing nothing and cable news will say something about Super Delegates, who I think are delegates who can fly and have x-ray vision.

In North Carolina, either Obama or Clinton will win and much the same will happen in this state as will happen in Indiana.

On CNN, Wolf Blitzer will say “best political team on television” 432 times.

On MSNBC, someone will mispronounce Mee-AN-mar, saying MY-an-mar.

On Fox News, Karl Rove will say nice things about Clinton’s resilience and that Obama’s relationship with Reverend Wright continues “to raise questions”… by Karl Rove.

Your predictions?

UPDATE: By the way… check out WHYY’s Election 2008 Map for the latest news from each of the primary states and up-to-the-minute results later as they are reported later tonight.


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