Bits and pieces


Reuters reports on a conflict in Nigeria that, somehow, Barack Obama was able to end using his powerful position as… well… Barack Obama.

Ben Smith checked up on it with the Obama folks and they’re were all, “wha?” and then “oh yeah, that Nigerian conflict.”

To round out the Obama bits, apparently Obama has a favorite bear and, like most people running for office, it’s the pander bear.  He’s pushing the clean coal thing in Kentucky.  Now, I’m not a fancy, big city environmental scientist, but I have held bits of bituminous and the occasional anthracite in my time and I can tell ya, that s**t ain’t clean.  No matter how much you wash it.

But seriously folks, even if we assume that all of the carbon from processing the coal and be “sequestered” (as it deliberates its verdict on global climate), can the mining of coal and its side effects ever be clean?  The writer brings up an interesting point about what all politicians should be doing when they talk about things like coal (and other dying or obsolete industries):

There’s a difficult conversation to be had with voters in coal states like Kentucky about the fate of coal and the steps political leaders can take to help coal communities through the coming transition. For the moment, at least, Obama seems unwilling to have that conversation.

If only Ed Rendell would have that same conversation with coal miners in this state.

Some pieces about NC and IN primaries:

Halperin says don’t trust the exit polls.

Other bits:

Keli Gof has “a look at the top 10 people and moments that are helping the Democrats return to the glory days of loserdom.

Finally, as I sit here with my CNN on, all I can think is, “I gotta get me one of those fancy, giant John King touch screen maps.”


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