Smokers, fat people and economists – what do they have in common?


Apparently the last three groups of people whom you can still make fun of or discriminate against are smokers,  the obese and economists.

Senator Clinton took aim at those dastardly economists over the weekend when former Clinton communications director George Long-Last-Name actually asked her a tough question:

This morning, George Stephanopoulos began his televised interview with Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton by asking if she could name a single economist who supported her plan for a gas-tax suspension.

Mrs. Clinton did not. “I’m not going to put in my lot with economists,” she said on the ABC program “This Week.” A few moments later, she added, “Elite opinion is always on the side of doing things that really disadvantages the vast majority of Americans.”

How folks feel about this issue – really a non-issue that it seems has been used by the Clinton campaign to offer some kind of policy distinction with Obama – doesn’t always depend on their socio-economic or driving status.  It seems like most people, no matter how much they earn, intuitively understand that it’s not the federal or state gas taxes (taxes that have been in place for a long time) that are causing the price of a gallon to be so high.

If neither Clinton nor McCain, who has already shown his disdain for the dismal science, are not relying to economists to come up with their economic plans, on whom are they relying?

I think I’d rather depend on economists than political consultants on an issue like this.

Now for my gratuitous economist jokes.

Three econometricians are in a bar playing darts.  The first one throws his dart and misses the center by two inches to the left.  The second one throws his dart and misses by two inches to the right.  The third one shouts, “Bull’s Eye.”

A chemist, a physicist and an economist are on a desert island with only a can of beans for food.

The chemist says, “we can take the can and put it in a fire and the movement of the molecules as they heat up will create pressure that will blow up the can and we can eat.”

The physicist says, “we can take the can to the top of that cliff and drop it onto the rocks below so that the force of gravity and the impact on the ground will open the can and we can eat.”

The economist says, “first, we assume a can opener.”


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