McCain has more to say about health care


Politico and the Caucus have decent write ups of the evolution of McCain’s health care policy thinking.

Here’s a piece of McCain’s speech:

In McCain’s remarks, he continues to emphasize a free-market approach to health care, saying that “cooperation among states in the purchase of insurance would also be a crucial step in ridding the market of both needless and costly regulations, and the dominance in the market of only a few insurance companies.”

Free market still good, according to McCain, just not as good as it was when I was running for the Republican nomination.

Apparently, Elizabeth Edwards (John Edwards’ wife and a cancer survivor/patient) isn’t too happy that she wouldn’t be covered under McCain’s plan. But guess what, she says. Neither is McCain.

UPDATE: Paul Krugman, who knows a little about health care economics and has not been a big fan of Obama or McCain, also weighs in.


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