How to pick a vice president


While I’m certain that this is meant for selecting the vice president of the United States, I imagine these 4 rules would work for pick the vice president of any organization – Kiwanis Club, Student Council, food court.

Since I’ve written before about the idea of Ed Rendell as vice president – specifically how it’s a bad idea – I thought I’d pass the guv through this 4-rule test (with the most applicable quote from each rule).

1. Toss the Pollsters Out of the Room (“When pollsters troll, the result is well-known names.”)

It’s tough to think about this one outside of my experience as a Pennsylvanian and Philadelphian. Of course, I know who Ed Rendell is but is he really that well known throughout the country?  Any better known than other governors, like Phil Bredesen or Janet Napolitano?  My thought is no.  He’s not a former presidential candidate like John Edwards.  So on this score, most pollsters probably wouldn’t pick Rendell.  That seems to be a plus in his column according to this rule.

2. Dare to Be Dull (“The vice presidency is a poor pulpit for a charismatic candidate, accustomed to cheering crowds. When a running mate makes major news, it’s because the would-be veep has screwed up.”)

Sorry, governor.  The choice of Rendell would definitely violate this rule.  The guv is definitely not dull.

3. Home-State Geography Matters (“Today’s ticket-balancing skills suggest that a senator needs a governor, a youngster needs an oldster and vice versa. Now race and gender are also factors. But echoing the dullness quotient is another rule.”)

This would seem to be plus in Rendell’s column.  Pennsylvania is clearly a critical state for any Democrat and having him on the ticket would just about lock it up (and possibly New Jersey).

4. Competence Trumps Contrast (“One proof of competence is a public record. With three senators contending for president, the vice president may come from a state capitol.”)

Would Ed Rendell’s record as governor and previously as mayor stand up to the competence test?  I’d say yes, especially on the mayoral front.

So, after all that, it looks like 3 in the plus column and 1 in the minus.  Maybe Vice President Rendell isn’t so far fetched after all.


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