Big surprise – college professors like Democrats


Jay P. Greene’s blog, written by, I’m assuming, Jay P. Greene, had a little fun with Open Secrets to determine which presidential candidates got the most donations from folks who work in higher education.

And surprise!  It’s the Democrats!

Puh-leeeze.  As if we didn’t already know that.

The commentary accompanying this “discovery” is just as predictable as the fact that college and university professors and employees support Democratic candidates.  It’s the same shock and horror that we always hear about how tainted the college experience is because so many of the professors are one side of the political perspective.  Students don’t have freedom of though because their grades depend on agreeing with these professors.  Professors are trying to lead some crazy, pot-induced, alcohol-fueled, communist revolution… yadda yadda.

I happened to attend one of these so-called liberal, godless colleges oh-so-many years ago, long before my own political beliefs were formed.  In fact, I have to say, those political beliefs were rather shapeless until national and world events conspired to convince me that I should start caring and taking a position.

My point is, I never felt threatened or cajoled or browbeaten or brainwashed.  In fact, I’d say that just as many of my professors were conservative as were liberal as were moderate.

So what if they happen to give to one candidate or another?  Why should I care what my professor of molecular biology does with his money?  If you want to argue a liberal position with a conservative economics professor, do you really think your grade will based on your position as opposed to the coherence of your argument and the strength of your evidence?

I hope there are some college students out there who are far more engaged in the political process than I was when I was in college because I’d love to hear whether you have ever run into this alleged liberal (or at least Democratic) bias among your professors.

Meanwhile, what does it mean that a pretty well known investment bank also gives a lot of money to Democratic candidates:

Goldman Sachs is the leading Wall Street contributor to the top candidates, ranking No. 1 on Clinton’s list, with donations totaling $470,150. The firm also tops Obama’s list with $421,763, Romney’s with $223,925 and ranks No. 5 on McCain’s list, with $85,252.

Maybe smart and/or rich people are voting with their wallets on who they happen to think is the best choice for president?


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