If health care isn’t your number 1 issue, it should be


I just read perhaps one of the clearest explanations of the general “Democratic platform for health care.”  I use that phrase since the writer makes it clear the Obama and Clinton don’t actually differ all that much on this issue but that their presidential ambitions are causing them to nitpick those differences and turn them in major liabilities.

All this seems to do is convince the American public that whichever of them gets the nomination will be carrying a fundamentally flawed health care plan into the general election and possibly beyond.

Why should health care be your number 1 issue?  Think about it, even if you are young, in good health, have decent insurance and pretty good job security, there are a number of folks who aren’t.  In our screwed up system, more an more of your tax dollars are going to fall through the cracks in our system until there’s little left over for… I don’t know… fixing bridges, mass transit, schools.  In short, everything else.

Give it a read.  Figure out what they’re proposing.  You owe it to yourself.


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