Ed Rendell agrees with me!


So I found it interesting that following up the piece I wrote yesterday in which I stuck a pin in the balloon of the notion that Ed Rendell should be the vice-presidential nominee, Tom Fitzgerald of PA Politics ’08 reported on the governor’s response when he was asked about whether he would want such a job:

The gov had this to say: “This campaign reinforced my view I can only work for myself. They were always shoving talking points in my hand – always read them but [ignored them]. I would not be a good number two, and would not be a good cabinet member…I was thinking this is probably the last campaign I will fully immerse myself in…It was a pretty nostalgic night for me.”

Sp again I ask: where does Rendell go in 2010? He’ll certainly want to stay on the scene. Does he follow his wife’s path and get a seat on the federal bench? Does he buy a chain of car washes like Lenny Dykstra? Full-time color analyst for Eagles games?


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