“Yes” comes out a big winner on Philadelphia ballots


One commenter on our Southeastern PA Election Central Extrava-palooza-fest page was wondering, “but what of the ballot questions? The QUESTIONS?”

Oh he or she wasn’t quite so passionate about it but it is a fair question.

According to the Inquirer’s Jeff Shields this morning, “Yes” took home the victory over “No” on both ballot questions.

Exact totals are unknown at this point so it remains to be seen whether Yes’s margin was wide enough to increase its momentum heading into other crucial ballot questions throughout the rest of the primary or whether it will be able to win against No in any general election ballot questions.

So along with Mayor Nutter’s proxy win by Hillary Clinton (statewide, though not in Philadelphia), his endorsement in both of these races – Yes – too victory. The mayor is starting to become quite a power broker.

Get your resume’s ready. With up to 10 non-civil-service jobs to fill by each department head, there may be a lot of opportunities.


One Response to ““Yes” comes out a big winner on Philadelphia ballots”

  1. gr Says:

    Thanks for the follow up!

    I’m a bit disappointed by the outcome (I’d rather have more cops than more non-civil service positions, and I don’t understand why city hall needs a full time publicist), but it’s nice to know.

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