And now the results from the most important election!


You’ll recall that last week I wrote about an event that WHYY hosted for high school students to learn more about elections and politics.

As part of the proceedings we staged our own mock election which included voter registration.  Since we didn’t want the results of what was billed as a non-partisan event – I’m talking to you Tony Payton – we decided to wait until today to release the results.

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

In the Democratic primary among the 37 “registered Democrats,” Barack Obama captured 34 votes or 91% to Hillary Clinton’s 8%.

On the Republican side, among the 10 “registered Republicans” who voted, John McCain got 5 votes (50%), Ron Paul received 4 (40%) and Mike Huckabee took home 1 vote (10%).

Based on the number of students who attended the event, combined voter turnout for both sides was about 67%.

So in four years when most of these students are actually old enough to vote, Obama can expect some healthy support.


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