Roll the tape! Clinton responds to question about “race card” comment


MSNBC has the transcript (and video) of an exchange between President Clinton and one of their reporters who asked about the president’s comments to WHYY’s own Susan Phillips:

NBC/NJ: “Sir, what did you mean yesterday when you said that the Obama campaign was playing the race card on you?”

CLINTON: “When did I say that, and to whom did I say that?”

NBC/NJ: “On WHYY radio yesterday”

VIDEO: See this exchange between Bill Clinton and NBC/NJ.

CLINTON: “No, no, no. That’s not what I said. You always follow me around and play these little games, and I’m not going to play your games today. This is a day about election day. Go back and see what the question was, and what my answer was. You have mischaracterized it to get another cheap story to divert the American people from the real urgent issues before us, and I choose not to play your game today. Have a nice day.”

NBC/NJ: “Respectfully sir, though, you did say …”

CLINTON: “Have a nice day.” [continues shaking hands with supporters]. I said what I said, you can go and look at the interview. And if you’ll be real honest, you’ll also report what the question was and what the answer was.”

Let the record show that I posted the entire question, which includes the reason why the question was even being asked, and the president’s entire answer.  There’s your context.

For more context, check out Susan Phillips’ entire story for NPR’s Morning Edition during which she reports on the Obama-Clinton split among prominent African Americans in Philadelphia.  It was from the reporting that she did for this story that she got her question for President Clinton.


4 Responses to “Roll the tape! Clinton responds to question about “race card” comment”

  1. Deeply Disappointed Dem in MA Says:

    Just amazing to me the lengths that the media are going to to insure that Barack Obama wins the nomination. I’ve been so disgusted with MSNBC and and their so called “place for politics” but I am deeply saddened to see NPR stoop to such levels (i.e., interview w/Bill Clinton and broadcast of it throughout the media). Shame on you, Susan, and shame on NPR. You have lost a faithful listener AND contributor.

  2. Stevo Says:

    How many of those liar and race cards are there in a deck these days ? Miss the good ol’ days when we’re just dealing with a couple of jokers … oh wait, I guess that still applies 🙂

    The Beefs

  3. Dan Pohlig Says:

    I’m sorry you feel that way Deeply Disappointed Dem. The fact is the interview came in the context of a very thoughtful story that Susan had done for NPR in which she interviewed a number of very prominent Philadelphia officials.

    She simply asked the President a question – which I included in the sound bite – and he gave an answer. I included his entire answer so that we couldn’t be accused of using the “8 second soundbite” to take him out of context.

    As for broadcasting it, what else would we do? Sit on it? There the words of a former president. We’d be even more guilty of bias if we didn’t push them out there and if they weren’t news they wouldn’t have gotten the response and views that they did… including your view.

    Thanks for taking the time to contribute to this blog!

  4. Louise Says:

    I have to say that Bill hasn’t learned his lesson. He did not have sex with that woman. Yeah, right. And Hillary is more of the same. Ambition above all, including the truth. Will someone please show this tired political family the door before they finish tearing down the Democratic party?

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