Blogger disappointed by trouble-free voting experience


That’s right.  I walked on down to my polling place at 7th and Catherine, turned the corner and saw… not much.

No line coming out the door and winding down the street…

No group of large intimidating men holding signs and “making sure” I vote for their guy…

No change of polling place due to the place being a crime scene (that’s nuts!)…

In fact, this was by far the easiest voting experience I’ve ever had at that polling place.

As I approached, I saw the usual group of lit passers lined up at the door.  Having been in that position in a former life, I was more than happy to take one of each thing that they had to offer.  I even picked up one “Official Democratic Ballot” from an unattended pile that was sitting inside.

Interestingly enough, that “Official Democratic Ballot” indicated at the bottom that it was “Paid for by the Democratic County Executive Committee of Philadelphia, Frank L. Oliver, Treasurer.”  In the spot for “President of the United States” the ballot encouraged me to vote for Hillary CLINTON.  Farther down, it listed all of the names of Clinton delegates for the National Convention.

So it seems that despite public proclamations of neutrality by the City Committee, at least one faction of it, apparently the faction with control over paying for such handouts, is backing Senator Clinton.

From the men (all guys) standing outside handing out lit, I got a nice full-color Barack Obama handout, a two-color (red and blue on white) card for Robert K. Gormley for State Rep. in my district, a two-color card for John Dougherty for State Senate and an 8.5″x11″ black and white photocopy (double-sided) for Anne Dicker for State Senate.

Inside, the usual 5-10 person line that I become accustomed to during the mayoral primary and general was nowhere to be seen.  I walked directly to the table for 2nd Ward, 24th Division and waited for the one woman ahead of me to finish signing her name in the voter book.  After giving my name I was informed that I was voter number 113 for my division and asked to sign my name.  No request for ID.  No request for voter registration card.  That’s fine with me.  I’ve voted there a few times already so I didn’t expect any problems.

After about a 30-second wait while the gentleman ahead of me finished voting, I stepped into the booth and made my choices.  I pushed the green “VOTE” button, stepped out of the booth, walked outside, got on my bike and pedaled off to work.

Now, like everyone else, I play the waiting game to see the result.

If you have any stories about your polling place, feel free to send your tips, photos, video or audio to me at dpohlig (at)

Most likely your experience will be as trouble-free as mine but as someone who is looking for some good stories to tell on the air tonight, I hope at least of few of you have an interesting story for me.


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