President Bill Clinton says the Obama campaign “played the race card” on him


“I think that they played the race card on me. We now know, from memos from the campaign that they planned to do it along.” – President Bill Clinton.

And that’s how President Clinton begins his answer to WHYY’s Susan Phillips who, during a phone interview earlier this evening, asked the President how he feels about one Philadelphia official who says she switched her support after interpreting Clinton’s remarks in South Carolina as an attempt to marginalize Obama as “the black candidate.”

Clinton goes on to say that “you have to really go some to play the race card on me.” He lists a number of his accomplishments on behalf of people of color, inexplicably putting the fact that he has “an office in Harlem” at the top of the list.

Clearly, Clinton seems clearly frustrated by the question or the suggestion by anyone – either the reporter or the Philadelphia official whom she quoted – that he was somehow making a negative statement about Obama (or Jesse Jackson) based on their race. His frustration comes through towards the end of the recording when, apparently unaware that he was still on the line, Clinton asks whoever is with him, “I don’t think I should take any shit from anybody on that, do you?

Listen to the whole interview here:

Seems the “open mic” is becoming a pretty common thing judging from Dave Davies’ account of this morning’s Clinton press call.


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  2. Nancy Says:

    Could not agree with Bill more. I voted for Jesse Jackson the first time he ran and I voted for Hillary this year.

    It is likely that Obama will take Bill’s words out of context this time too. But a word of caution to him and his supporters. Keep playing the race card in situations like this and you will find it doesn’t work when a real situation arises in the general election. Remember the boy who cried wolf? (And don’t try to make that question racist…I’m talking about the Russian story.)

  3. Anne Says:

    Where is the old Bill Clinton I used to admire and love? It makes me more sad than angry.

  4. sjenkins Says:

    The fact is, if you look at the news stories prior to Iowa, the overwhelming consensus was that Hillary Clinton had the majority of black support. She lost that support as two things happened: 1) Black people realized that Obama had a chance (whereas before Iowa, they thought it would be throwing away their vote) and 2) The Clintons opened their mouths again and again to say things that marginalized the black vote. The question put to Bill Clinton wasn’t a “discussion about South Carolina politics.” It was: “Why does it take the two of you to beat Obama?” And therefore Bill gave his dismissive Jesse Jackson answer, which was rightly interpreted as, “oh the blacks are going to vote for the black candidate anyway.” And “I have offices in Harlem!” as a defense of how much he’s done for people of color is just about as useful as “I have a black friend!” in defending charges of a racist statement.

  5. Gerry Says:

    another example of media trying to stir up something that doesn’t really exist! Bill Clinton is not a racist and he does not play the race card! He is a tireless campaigner for black people, more recently his efforts re Katrina!
    Faith without Works is Dead!

  6. owl06 Says:

    It was Jesse Jackson Jr. that injected race into the campaign by saying that Hillary shed no tears for Katrina victims. Obama has played the race card from the start.

  7. steven stevens Says:

    it is not hard to beleive that obama would accuse the cliontons of playing the race card…listen to his mentor and preacher and read michelles obams’ thesis and it is easy to see where they are coming from….they think that any who oppose them are racists

  8. JubJub Says:

    I wonder who he was talking at the very end..? Another fresh intern?

  9. independent 08 Says:

    I agree with sjenkins. The one thing i like about this 08 campaign is whites did not, NOT vote for obama because he was black and blacks did not cast their votes for him JUST because he is black. Obama had to really work for the African American votes. They were NOT running to the polls to cast their votes from him. Does the media really think African-Americans are sitting around waiting for a Black President? I mean really? African Americans are very cautious and brand loyal people. Hillary had their support in the beginning, again until the comments. Hillary failed to reach out. She ran her campaign on entitilement and she believed her own press clippings! What a shame. I feel Hillary is un electable in the general election because she’s a brand! She’s a household name brand and can’t beat this no name senator who spent 10 minutes in the senate and spent most of his career working for the people of Illnois! I never knew anything about Obama until now and you can’t beat him. What a shame!! The way I see it, Obama is suppose to fight hard to win this thing. He’s competing against a brand. But Hillary, you can’t win in the primaries or the general election. PA please put her out of her misery, end this thing please!!!

  10. Jordan Says:

    You stay classy Bill Clinton…

  11. Pete Says:

    To whom is he talking to at the very end of the phone call?

  12. Herman LA, CA Says:

    Senator Clinton is not telling the truth Governor Rendell of Pittsburgh praising Minister Farrakhan.
    Pennsylvania Governor Rendell Praises Farrakhan and N.O.I.

    Hey Bill your popularity and gone down the tubes just like Hillary’s. It’s time you guy take your impeachment and pack your bags and go home. Oh and take Governor Rendell with you.

  13. mondov Says:

    I am NOT a gun owner or a religious fanatic, but when he started generalizing about supporters of his opponents, he may as well have come out and told us were were rednecks if we didn’t support him. Personally I found Obama’s comments very offensive.

  14. Phillip-Little Rock Says:

    This is what happens when desperation sets in. Even on the Clintons. My family having known them for a number of years, it is indeed sad to see a man of such class sink so low. The Clinton legacy is just about over, how sad it is to see it end on such a contentious note.

  15. Steve Says:

    Hillary is riding on Bill’s coattails and they are getting pretty short. He may not be a rasist but he is an elitest!

    What we need is a fresh point of view and a man who can inspire. Obama is not suppose to answer all the worlds problems but I believe he can inspire people to tackle the real tough ones.

    Sorry Bill that last person you inspired forgot to take her dress to the cleaners.

  16. Audacte Says:

    Bill and Hillary must think we are very stupid if they can change what they say any given day and then make it seem like someone else’s fault that they are questioned on it. I am curious though – – how would Bill get memos from Obama’s campaign that would spell out such a strategic mind-set? I guess this is like the “church bulletin being given to Hamas” Hillary mentioned that turned out to be a newspaper editorial mentioning the church having nothing to do with the church or Obama. Everyone duck!! Sniper fire!!!

  17. JMichel Says:

    I’m torn: Vote for Obama and hope we can move on to happier times, or vote for Hillary knowing happier times will come through Saturday Night Live’s skits of Bill running amoq in the Whitehouse?

  18. Audacte Says:

    Mondov: what Obama actually said is that industrual town voters in this country (not just PA, btw), are left out in the cold year after year; election after election; when they are promised during election years that their towns will be regenerated and then nothing happens, they start to VOTE based on other issues like religion (Romney); 2nd Ammendment rights, Anti-Trade, Anti-immigration – – every other topic to explain their frustrations and how they are going to vote. And, btw, it was in answer to “are they not voting for you because you are black?” He was trying to say it is not race, it is bitterness because they don’t believe Washington can change – – especially when it is touted by a black guy named “Obama”. Come on, you aren’t this stupid as to believe the pathetic spin the media and Clintons are putting on this, are you? And, for what it is worth, one of the original “thinkers” behind that concept stood up on the front page of the Wall Street Journal to discuss it yesterday.

  19. angela Says:

    Hell, yes way to go Bill. Obama is a racist to his core and his race has been racist from his rhetoric to his candence.

    As Hillary said last night, it’s not “yes we can” it’s how can we.

    None of Obama’s supporters can tell you anything about anything or why they support him, they just think he’s inspirational. I am NOT inspired and I will not vote for Obama should he be our nominee in the general election!

  20. Anonymous Says:


  21. Monica Clinton Says:

    Bill and Hillary have a history of “stretching” the truth a little bit. And they do it with such ease and comfort.

    Don’t forget Rev. Wright was a part of Bill Clinton’s “crisis management” team during the Monica scandal. Bill Clinton along with Governer Ed Rendell gave high praises Louis Farakhan on a number of occassions in the public record as well. And we can’t forget that Bill pardoned two of the Underground Weather bombers. So these attacks on Obama about this relationships with other people is so ridiculous.

    Now Bill Clinton’s presidential power came from non-white voters, in particular the black voters. The democratic party depends on non-white voters. The majority of white voters will vote Republican. This is a known fact. So, if you are a democrat, you have to be nice non-white voters. This is why Bill was so kind hispanics and black demographics. This is why George Bush doesn’t care about black people (Katrina).

    This is typical of white politicians who will exploit non-white voters for power. As Bill Richardson stated, he felt like he was being tactically used to win Hispanic voters by the Clinton camp. Where as with Obama, Obama called him personally a number of occassions reaching out to him as a human being, not as an asset.

    Face it, this is politics. It’s a game. If Obama’s camp tactically played the race card, then it worked. Do you see anybody giving Obama a break for his gaffes? Bill Clinton should have known better because he is a season pro.

    So, clearly the results are showing that Obama is much better at playing this game then Bill and Hillary Clinton. Like your own words Bill, politics is a contact sport, if you can’t take it, you shouldn’t put the uniform on.

  22. Tom Says:

    Of course Obama is playing the race card – when and where he feels like it will do him some good. If I was an African American, I’d be insulted by his hypocrisy. For instance, after the backlash from Mr. Wright’s insanity, Obama stated that he felt “shaken” and now realized that he “will have to work a lot harder to win because I’m not mainstream (read “white”) like the other candidates”. That says “feel sorry for me because I’m African American”. But when it came time to honor MLK Jr., a real uniter whose life was stopped way too soon, where was Obama? In Indiana, campaigning – he said his schedule wouldn’t allow him to be in Memphis while Hillary and John McCain were there. This anniversary never changes. Someone who was proud of Mr. King and paints himself as the same type of uniter would have found the time………

  23. David Says:

    No one “played the race card” on Bill but Bill. He’s the one who sought to pigeonhole Obama as the “black” candidate, the one like Jesse Jackson. Obama in Iowa was as far from Jesse Jackson as Chris Dodd. Hillary had more of the Jesse Jackson vote than Obama did. It was Bill Clinton who tried to draw lines of support and say that Obama is “their” candidate, the candidate of those who supported Jesse Jackson (you know, the black kind).

    I think in a sober moment when this is all done, Bill will look back and wonder how he could have said some of the things he did, including retelling Hillary’s Bosnia gaff. He’ll wonder where the old Bill went, as we all are.

  24. Monica Clinton Says:

    Bill and Hillary have a history of “stretching” the truth a little bit. And they do it with such ease and comfort.

    Don’t forget Rev. Wright was a part of Bill Clinton’s “crisis management” team during the Monica scandal. Bill Clinton along with Governer Ed Rendell gave high praises Louis Farakhan on a number of occassions in the public record as well. And we can’t forget that Bill pardoned two of the Underground Weather bombers. So these attacks on Obama about this relationships with other people is so ridiculous.

    And Obama’s “bitter” comment is not even offensive. It is not even close to what both Bill and Hillary have said about rural white voters. Hillary’s “screw’em” response about how Bill could win over more rural white voters during one of Bill’s strategy meetings. Bill’s “white males vote for George Bush because they are afraid”. Or Bills own “guns, gays, and god” comment about why white voters vote Republican. Or Bill’s comment that during economic hardships, white Republicans cling to “anti-immigration” sentiments, while white Democrats cling to “anti-trade” sentiments.

    Now Bill Clinton’s presidential power came from non-white voters, in particular the black voters. The democratic party depends on non-white voters. The majority of white voters will vote Republican. This is a known fact. So, if you are a democrat, you have to be nice non-white voters. This is why Bill was so kind hispanics and black demographics. This is why George Bush doesn’t care about black people (Katrina).

    This is typical of white politicians who will exploit non-white voters for power. As Bill Richardson stated, he felt like he was being tactically used to win Hispanic voters by the Clinton camp. Where as with Obama, Obama called him personally a number of occassions reaching out to him as a human being, not as an asset.

    Face it, this is politics. It’s a game. If Obama’s camp tactically played the race card, then it worked. Do you see anybody giving Obama a break for his gaffes? Bill Clinton should have known better because he is a season pro.

    So, clearly the results are showing that Obama is much better at playing this game then Bill and Hillary Clinton. Like your own words Bill, politics is a contact sport, if you can’t take it, you shouldn’t put the uniform on.

  25. Chuck Says:

    Every black pundit and commentator out there has a say in just what did and didn’t have an effect on black politicians. Seems they also are at liberty to make comments and call the shots on white politicians.

    Why is it when a white man makes a comment on black politics, he’s called a bigot?

    If ANYONE in America is knowledgable about politics, it’s Bill Clinton. Like him or hate him, he’s been in the political arena since before most of these so called “experts” knew what a polling place was.

    This reverse discrimination towards the Clintons is getting very, very, old. No, President Clinton should NOT have to take any s**t for any opinion he gives on the political game.

  26. Margaret Says:

    This is a rediculous attempt to reopen an old wound and thow salt in it. WHYY’s Susan Phillips should be ashamed of herself for not staying on the topic and intentionally trying to stir up more trouble. It’s people like her that create and maintain racial hostility. Thanks

  27. Dave Says:


  28. Alex Says:

    I don’t understand how anyone of mixed race can be portrayed as a racist. Obama is just as much white as he is black.

    Seems like lots of Hillary supporters are old women who want to see a woman president before they die. Obama supporters are passionate about the man and his vision, not his race or gender. Hillary supporters are passionate about her gender and overlook the lies and that fact that 60% feel she cannot be trusted. I’m not against a female candidate, just not this one with all her character flaws.

  29. JSky Says:

    Bill Clinton is always a gentleman. Always. He was the very first president after LBJ to pay attention to the need of AA community. He gave South Carolina state $250 million before his last term end to build the housing project to poor income. He is one a few people who dedicate his time & effort to rebuild New Orleans after Katrina.

    To accuse him of racist is the greatest insult anyone can swing at Bill Clinton. And it’s the most stupid and absurd for anyone to believe in that mud sling and ignore the life time deed of Bill Clinton.

    In my opinion, Obama camp fabricated this accusation so people can use it as an excuse to vote for him. It’s was a good strategy because it worked. But it also shows that Obama will do anything to win this nomination.

  30. KF Says:

    Go OhBlahBlah Oh wait!

  31. Hot Air » Blog Archive » Bill Clinton: Obama played the race card on me! Says:

    […] lost his mind, or does he want to kneecap his wife’s run for the presidency? Yesterday in an interview with WHYY, he vents his frustration at the accusation of playing the race card in South Carolina. He reminds […]

  32. piktor Says:

    Before Mr. Clinton mentions Rev. Jackson, he uses the words “that’s also bait”. Was that part of the “History” conversation Mr. Clinton was having with his good friends down at S.C.?

  33. Lisa G of PA Says:

    And Hillary hasn’t played the gender card against Obama???? I heard her go on and on about little girls and the big glass ceiling last night on the news. All that was missing was the tears. I only hope that in Pennsylvania women of substance are smarter than to cast their vote for Hillary on the basis of gender. There is too much at stake and we need someone with integrity in the White House. It felt good to cast my vote for Barack Obama in today’s primary.

  34. Roger Says:

    We won’t let Obama win if he’s nominated. I despise his tactics of twisting everything that the Clinton campaign says to try to turn people against them. I’m not putting up with Obama’s &*$#! It’s ironic, Obama is the kitchen sink strategist and Hillary is the candidate for real change.

  35. Mondegreenie Says:

    I agree with you President Clinton, you shouldn’t have to take so much s–t on that or other subjects. The MSM loves to hate you and Senator Clinton. If they keep it up, those of us looking for real journalism, will find it from the best blogs and independent sites. They are dinosaurs in the new media age.

  36. ginny Says:

    I truly loved this section. Why on earth did Hillary make a big stink about Farakhan to Barack Obama in their debate? He renounced and rejected Farakhan on nationwide Television. then now I find out from this article and from herman that Mr. Rendell my Govenor of Pa was Praising Farakhan, but yet he has been in FAVOR of Hillary.???????????????? Sounds as though there is a mis representation some where in this mess. If it is good for the goose, it should be good for the GANDER too !!!!!!!!
    HILLARY IS A VILLIANOUS PERSON, WHO NEEDS TO BE PUT OUT OF EVERYONE’S MISERY. A LIAR, DECEITFUL,COCKY B***H, SHE THINKS SHE DESERVES TO BE PRESIDENT THAT IT IS OWED TO HER. Well, I for one DO NOT THINK SO. She needs to go back to New York and fullfill her promise to get the thousands of jobs SHE PROMISED them when she ran for Senator there. She made the same promise to those Ohio people to get their votes too. If she couldn’t do it for New York, she cannot do it for Ohio either. She will say and do anything to get elected.

  37. Sharon Says:

    It was an Obama fabrication all right. Everyone was commenting at the time that Obama’s win in SC could mean the presidency for him. Bill Clinton’s comment about Obama’s win was that, like Obama, Jesse Jackson won the state with wide margins but did not go on to be President. The only other person who won SC with even greater margins was Bill Clinton himself and, of course, he became President. So, where is the racism in that comment? The fact that Jackson is black was actually irrelevant and I doubt Clinton gave it a second thought. Obama’s people have been playing the race card right along. I can understand African Americans wanting a president who can relate to them. Believing that Barack Obama understands them is like expecting a typical middle class white person to understand their experience because Obama had every privilege growing up and the closest he ever came to actual racism was when he arrived in Chicago. He certainly had more than I, a typical white woman.

  38. Anita Says:

    Bill Clinton is exactly right. Obama had it planned all along. If people hate Hilary it’s because most of the news channels have been talking trash about her for the last year. They can’t talk trash about Obama or they will be call racist so they take it out on Hilary.

    Hilary 08

  39. Joe from OH Says:

    I was mad at the time when Obama campaign and his elite democrat backers were all over Bill’s stating a fact. They took a snippet of his factual comment and turn it into a race code word. It is shameful that people do that on Bill Clinton since he did many things for the African American people as much as white people. It is sad how people just turn on him.

  40. Jeremiah Hussein Obama Says:

    Go Bill. The MSM has become just another extension of the Obama campaign.

  41. Roger Says:

    Where is the whole interview? We’re just getting to listen to one part of a whole interview. I would really like to hear what other points that Bill Clinton has talked about.

  42. evolin Says:

    Bill and Hillary make a wonderful team and neither are racist or tried to play the race card. Bill is correct that the race card was played against HRC from the very beginnng atarting with Oprah on.
    That intelligent couple are our best bet to bring our country back to peace and prosperity
    Hillary is very intelligent, capable and a hard worker. Bill is an asset to her in every way.
    We NEED this couple we can trust.

  43. Yodit Says:

    This is the voice of desperation. Imagine four years of this type of trailer park talk in the White House. The Clintons are liars — one worse than the other. OBAMA 08.

  44. Knight Rider Says:

    Where is the recording of the entire interview?

  45. Gerry Says:

    I’m amazed how easily people are fooled. Don’t you realized that you are being manipulated by the Clintons? The have spent millions of dollars and have done exaustive research finding ways to make people believe that what they are saying is true. I’ve watched time and time again where the Clintons have played the old republican game of deny and deflect. According to them, their opposition causes everything and they are always the victims, when the opposite is true. Don’t you get it – you are being played the fool!

  46. no to obama Says:

    obama = america becoming a second rate country. Drink your lemon aide now because you’ll pay dearly for it later.

  47. Dan Pohlig Says:

    Hi folks,
    For those of you are interested in the entire interview, I’m working with our reporter to get it uploaded to our website. I’ll have another post when it’s ready so stay tuned.

  48. connie Says:

    Bill, you need to go somewhere and sit DOWN!!! People can see through your dirty politics. You open your mouth, and Hillary dies, can’t you see? You’ve had your times with Monica Lewinski, go sit. You know you are trying to throw the kitchen sink!!! I guess you need to try and fix something though. You’ve messed up both Hillary’s and Chelsea’s lives!!!!

  49. Tex Says:

    So Bill says the Obama camp had it “planned all along” how they would respond to Bill’s foolish comment? How on earth could they have known that he was going to make that comment? Bill has gone nuts!

  50. RobinHood_Doesn't_Work_for_A_Campaign Says:

    Bill Clinton is not a racist, but he is a big pouty baby. Historically, he has been very sensitive to the interests of African Americans, while simultaneously supporting corporate interests that caused a widening of the income gap in America, trade deals with anti-labor regimes, and a ‘get-tough’ approach on crime, including Three Strikes, that has made prisons a massive piece of state and federal budgets, and sucked the economic life out of Black communities. He is not personally a racist, but some of his policies have hurt Black communities. He and Hillary however are incredibly self-righteous and quick to lash out at enemies, real and imagined. Is Bill Clinton a sexist or a racist? Depends on what your definition of “is” is.

  51. Marjorie Says:


    You are an ass!! I suggest you reread your posting and think about it!!!

  52. Art Vandelay Says:

    It’s just the game of politics. You can’t tell me that the Clinton campaign hasn’t done the same thing. We all need to realize that this constant infighting within the democratic campaign is hurting the eventual nominee’s chance of winning against McCain. Clinton supporter’s saying they won’t support Obama if he is the nominee, and vice versa. We need to bring the democratic party together so we don’t have another four years of bad economic and foreign policy, and let McCain run this country straight into the ground.

  53. Press Time | Charleston City Paper » Bill Clinton Still Ticked About South Carolina Comments Says:

    […] interview with Delaware radio station WHYY Monday night, a stray comment of his on the issue was also recorded before he hung up: “I don’t think I should take any s*** from anybody on that, do you?” […]

  54. Victoria Says:

    1st I would like to say that Angela & Tom are two of the primary reasons as to why this country is stuck in an ignorant state. I am a black female and how is it that two people who are obviously not of my race going to generalize and stereotype MY people?!?!?

    That is very ignorant and if we are going to generalize based on one person that is a part of a certain group/race, I would not vote for whoever it is the two of them vote for simply based on their comments.

    People interpret statements to co-sign on whatever they want others to believe. I’m not about to try to force my views nor put down another person views based on personal interpretation. And ignorant people like them are the main reason why people should have some type of screening in order to vote. Ignorance should be denied!

  55. Carl Says:

    I’m a minority, residing in Philadelphia, PA. I respect Bill Clinton as one of our greatest Presidents. I think it is foolish to think of him as a racist. Bill Clinton is for the American people. Politics is dirty! I am certain that Obama’s statement is out of context as well. We need to focus more on the American economy, environmental issues, and foreign affairs; rather than succumb to the foolishness represented by our differences.

  56. Dave Says:

    It is not only using the race card it is race baiting. Taking words out of context and then acting as if the person who made the remark is racist. They did it with Hillary about the comment about LBJ having something to do with the passage of the civil rights act translated into ” African-Americans did not have anything to do with it.” Bill Clinton’s remark about Jesse Jackson somehow implied racism. Duh how is that? Then Geraldine Ferraro’s comment taken out of context. Reverend Wright’s was not. He called out that it was the White race that was responsible
    for all the problems in the country and responsible for 911. A fact that many of his defenders leave out. He played it well but that is a different form of politics alright. But if you are familiar with race baiting you know it is old style politics with a new malicious twist of arrogance and elitism.

  57. SLIM Says:


  58. Steve Says:

    Once again, Bill Clinton has “mischaracterized” or “misstated” the facts. Here is a link to the statement that he made in South Carolina:

    1) He made the comment in response to the question “What does it say about Barack Obama that it takes two of you to beat him?” Nothing about South Carolina electoral history. If anything, the question was in the context of his active campaigning both in SC (where Obama trounced Clinton) and in the immediately preceding caucus in Nevada, where Clinton won 51%-45%.

    2) It didn’t take place “early in the morning” when they were “sitting around drinking coffee”. If you look at the lower right of the screen, there is a timer counting down until the South Carolina polls close — 17 minutes and change.

    The willingness of both Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton to “shade” (OK, distort) their own past activities to fit the story they want to tell — that is one of the most troubling characteristics that they each share. You can argue that these are just details that are irrelevant — but Bill especially uses such false details to buttress his argument and to make the point that anyone who disagrees with him is just either dumb or being manipulated.

    He is even mischaracterizing the reaction of many people to his comment. They don’t think that his comment necessarily showed him to be a racist. They believe that it showed him to be an aggressive campaigner who will seek to defeat — even if it means marginalizing a candidate like Obama as a “niche” candidate who cannot appeal to a broader (i.e., multiracial, especially white) electorate. Oh, and if that taps into some racial fears or biases of the electorate, that’s OK with him.

  59. d4Obama Says:

    His comments on race show me that he DOES have some racist in him. It’s just like white people who say “Im not racist…I have many black friends”. Or, “Im not racist…..I don’t care if someone is black, white, blue, pink, or green. I don’t see color!” Problem is, there are no green or blue or pink people. There are several different ethnicities of people in this country and they are all competing for the same resources. Unfortunately there is an imbalance of power that is enabling some to have access to more than others. And to deny the difference experience of America that people of color have than white people do, is to deny the oppression that still goes on. Bill Clinton saying “My office is in Harlem” is a “tell” for anyone who has extensively studied white privilege, and the spectrom of racism in America.

  60. HHS Says:

    As usual, it’s all about Bill. He just can’t help himself. Four more years of this?? No, thanks.

  61. filegirl16 Says:

    Omg…Audacte. Thank you! Your comment bears repeating. I’m sick of the rhetoric surrounding the “bitter Pennsylvanian” issue. The first thing I thought when I heard his comment was “its true!” No one was being talked down to. They were being empathized with. Get a clue!

  62. julia Says:

    President Clinton is for every body and by everybody. Obama never talk for the Katrina people, Obama talk about race color only when himself is losing and want to take advance of the sentimental issue. for he’s own political gain. he’s ineptitude make him foolish and he’s trying to confuse the voters and the more vulnerable people myself as a Hispanic American; Race is not nothing we can’t change. Hispanic will be Hispanic, black will be black. Asian will be Asian. Hillary Clinton will be the next Madame President. God Bless America, God Bless the Clinton Family, and God Bless Us.


    The Clintons are great pretenders they thouhgt the black vote was owned to them, we don’t owe you shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Isn’t that the word he just use!!! LOL AND I DON’T MIND EXPLAINING!!!

  64. WPI Says:



    IT’S AMAZING HOW PEOPLE CAN BE FOOLED BY THE HIPE OF POLITICS. I’m Black and Bill and Hill has been a turn off from day 1. Every thing Wright said hasn’t been proven but i dont put it pass this nation,we’ve come a aways but we have a ways to go remeber 1965 wasn’t even 50 years ago. So yes I will vote for Obama not because he is Black, but because he is intelligent and Black!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  67. Jane Says:

    If all fails play the race card. Obama has no experience and no accomplishments in the senate, which is the reason he has to place the RACE card. He is the racist the only charities he donated to were the NAACP and his racist hatefull non paatriotic church. Bill was known as the 1st black president and he and Hillary have done more for the people of color than Obama ever did. As 1st lady Hillary did everything to treat this country with love and respect which is 1 million times more than Obama’s wife will do since she is only proud of this country for the 1st time because a Black man is running. It was not a racist comment or Jesse Jackson’s entire family is for Hillary. I personally do not believe the people of this great country should vote on color or sex but on accomplishments and Obama has NONE. People who accuse others of things is usually because they are guilty of the crime. Obama is the MOST RACIST person I have heard in politics in my life. Racists come in all colors religions and nationalities it is a state of mind not a state of being. There is no way Obama can beat McCain. He is a crier , liar and and a baby and we need a true adult in the White House

  68. Donald from SC Says:

    President Clinton’s statement DID marginalize Senator Obama and the black voters. Why would he say that if that were not what he meant? President Clinton didn’t just step off the bus. He knows exactly what he wants to say. As one of the previous blogger explained, from the beginning of this whole thing Senator Obama was scantly supported by the black community. After the Iowa primary black Americans started to look at this candidate more seriously. By the time South Carolina (SC) came into play, one of Senator Clinton’s supporters made a racist comment about Senator Obama (made by Bob Johnson – a black man), which caused many black Americans to start paying attention to what Senator Obama had to say. In other words, black Americans were not listening until Senator Clinton’s campaign drew their attention. Many people say that the black voters in SC lined up with Senator Obama because he was black. Well there are two important points missed here: 1) the local support that Senator Clinton received were folks not favored by black voters in SC, 2) Oprah showed up (she is one of the most trusted and respected member of the American black community). 30,000 people gathered in the SC University football stadium to see Senator Obama. Until this event, no Presidential candidate had such a large showing this early in the race. Remember, that the possibility of having a serious chance to speak out by voting for someone other than a white man was unreal to the black SC voters. The choice of choosing between a woman and an African American meant the black voters didn’t have to listen to what they see every election. Unfortunately, Senator Clinton’s attempted to characterize Senator Obama as a wishful and lucky candidate while at the same time reminded the black voters of SC that Senator Obama was black; and therefore unelectable was a major error in political her strategy. Not only did this action alienate the black voters in SC, but it also caused black voters in other states to also pay attention. After the SC primary election when Senator Obama won decisively, President Clinton dismissed the win and associated Senator Obama with Jesse Jackson. What President Clinton DID NOT realize was that most black Americans do not favor Rev. Jackson; and the association of Senator Obama with Jesse Jackson was not only viewed as a racist comment, but also very demeaning (by the way most black American still do not view President Clinton as a racist, only that statement). Now as the democratic Presidential race has continued Senator Clinton occasionally injected race association through her surrogates in hopes that this tactic would turn away non-black voters from Senator Obama. I believe that she knew very well that this action would also cost her some black voter support; and she felt the risk was worth the gain of non-black voters. Once again this tactic backfired. Instead, she lost most of her black voter support and Senator Obama gained more non-black voter support. Recently Johnson came out and repeated a racist comment made by another Clinton surrogate. What I don’t understand is that this tactic did not work the first time (President Clinton and Bob Johnson), and the second time (Ferraro); so why should it work a third time (Johnson)? So we now see that just maybe, what President Clinton said was not misinterpreted by the American black voters.

  69. whosebone Says:

    If this country is foolish enough to elect either of these democrats please be prepared for marxist style government to destroy this country

  70. DaveOner Says: Here’s what he actually said and the question that led to it. I think I see a sniper in back some where 😉

  71. Monica Clinton Says:

    I don’t really care if people support Obama or not but it is so puzzling how people can still support the Clintons when so much of what they say and do has been exposed as lies so many times.

    Hillary blatantly lied about Bosnia and Columbia and her supporters still brush it aside as a negative attack or conspiracy? Come on, get real.

    When the Clintons get in trouble and know that it will hurt them at election time, what do they do? They give out handouts to buy the votes of the poor and misinformed. This is how they hold on to power. But the minute one of core demographics abandons them, what do they do? “Screw’em” as Hillary said about white rural voters. Or, Bill Richardson’s endorsement is insignificant now because we are no longer voting in California or Texas.

    Open your eyes, Clintonites … you are being played for fools.

  72. jerry Says:

    Having an office in Harlem means:
    a) Clinton brings additional commerce and jobs to Harlem
    b) Clinton is compelled to get out of his “white privilege” everyday as he commutes to Harlem
    c) Visitors to Clinton are compelled to get out of their “white privilege” everyday as they visit Harlem

    Or you can just beat up on the guy.

  73. Bonnie Says:

    Way to go Bill! NO, you shouldn’t have to take ANY SHIT over this. We all know now about the calculated plan by Obama’s campaign to play the race card (article Race Man lays it all out). Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton have both helped African-Americans in untold ways. Why the African-American base has chosen to get behind a candidate who does not really represent the American struggle (Obama – Hawaii, Indonesia, Harvard) with all off his baggage, terrorist ties and lack of experience and judgement is beyond me. So short-sighted and unfortunate that Obama expoits people of color and youth. Thank God the facts will continue to come out about the packaged commodity of Obama and his empty rhetoric and shallowness. We admire Bill Clinton for what he gave to our country, and totally back him 100%.

  74. Geoff Says:

    It’s really unfortunate. I went into this thing really liking both of our democrats, but the fact is that the Clintons are polarizing. There is no doubt about that. Just the fact that so many still find it hard to consider that former president Bill Clinton’s words were racially polarizing shows just how polarized we are. In fairness I’m sure he was just defending his wife’s candidacy and misspoke, but that was a serious gaff and the fact that he didn’t acknowledge that IS why his wife lost the black vote – one of their most reliable constituencies. But let’s be careful! In an election where the economy and this war are first priorities, we can’t continue to have an election that will be decided based on race, gender or age. So grow up!

  75. Fairplay Says:

    I can understand the frustration Bill feels when he is being mischaracterized. It is unfair to characterize Bill Clinton as a racist or uncaring. He remains a great humanatarian and a highly intelligent person who was much better than his successor. Taking things out of context and making a mountain of a molehill is what the press does best and that is how some journalists thrive and journalists will soon be bunched with crimals and ploiticians. But Bill needs to chill out too. He seems to be behaving in a desperate manner. Here he was given a chance to respond and he uses profanity in the end. That is not something Carter would do or even George Bush senior. Also Obama is in a pitiful state if he has to take on a pitbull and Mrs pitbull in his fight to the nomination.

  76. Marie Says:

    What I think is happening to arm chair liberals is this: Guess Who’s Coming to the Primaries. To use “I have an office in Harlem.” to describe his relationship with African-Americans is no different as whites throughout the decades saying, “I’m not a bigot, I have lots of black friends.” This election is bubbling to the surface the thread of latent racism that weaves through our society which still exists in all of but the truly loving and accepting among us. May it erupt and disappear once and for all. May we as a nation survive.

  77. julia Says:

    Madame President 2008-2012. i’m not voting for Obama because he is a communist, he’s sleeping terrorist in our own back yard, see it for yourself: all the Obamas headquarter have the picture of Che Guevara. the terrorist are helping him. the change he’s talking about is for the worse. see who is he’s Mentor and friend rev. Jeremiah W. obama no have respect for our patriotic Symbols, see he’s Capella no 9/11 pin. He never condemn the terrorist attack 9/11) contrary he celebrate. he have to much hatred in he’s Hearth. he need detoxify from the hatred sermon. wonder why obama was living different s countries as alqueda trainee.

  78. Jeff Says:

    Sucks Clinton!!! you do not sound a good leader.

  79. julia Says:

    Madame President 2008-2012. i’m not voting for Obama because he is a communist, he’s sleeping terrorist in our own back yard, see it for yourself: all the Obamas headquarter have the picture of Che Guevara. the terrorist are helping him. the change he’s talking about is for the worse. see who is he’s Mentor and friend rev. Jeremiah W. obama no have respect for our patriotic Symbols, see he’s Capella no 9/11 pin. He never condemn the terrorist attack 9/11) contrary he celebrate. he have to much hatred in he’s Hearth. he need detoxify from the hatred sermon. wonder why obama was living different s countries as alqueda trainee.

  80. Paul Says:

    People calling Obama a racist need to check themselves and listen to his speech, “A More Perfect Union.”

    If you listen to that respectfully, really pay attention without trying to score your “side” political points, you’ll realize something…hey, there are actually a lot of people, both black and white, with a little bit racist tendencies. But that doesn’t necessarily make them evil. The point is…what can we do to move beyond it?

    You don’t have to support Obama to realize he isn’t “racist to his core.” That is an absurd, ignorant statement. Whether you want to vote for him or not, base your vote on something substantive instead of this age-old political SILLINESS.

  81. Fred Says:

    Looks like Julia hid her pills under her tongue again instead of swallowing them.

  82. ihsanamin Says:

    WOW. They’re really desperate.
    The Clintons have destroyed their reputations with this campaign… putting their desires over the will of the people.

    They might as well become Republicans (again) after this is over.

  83. Paul Says:

    Also, I’d like to agree with the folks saying that Bill Clinton is not a racist…particularly commenter Robin Hood…no, he’s not a racist, but he did make a REALLY stupid comment, and he continues to follow it up with these desperation ploys. It’s really sad he feels he has to behave this way for his wife.

  84. merle7 Says:

    The question to Bill was why did it take two Clinton’s to beat one Obama:His ans was Jessie Jackson won SC in 1984 and 1988,Jessie ran a good campaign and Obama ran a good campaign. His comment was based on a question he was asked,not some conversation he was having with other politicians.

  85. Paul Says:

    Today Bill is claiming that he never made the comment in this interview, that “the Obama campaign played the race card” on him. HELLO, MR. CLINTON? IT’S ON TAPE.

    Politicians are such habitual liars. He KNOWS it’s on tape…he just doesn’t think enough people will care to look it up. It’s the same theory Hillary tried to gamble on with the Bosnia sniper fire comments.

  86. MS. BLUEGRASS Says:

    THEY DID “play the race card” and he should not have to take this cr*p anymore! Tell it like it is Bill! Give um Hill!

  87. tjproudamerican Says:

    Senator Edwards, the white candidate, won South Carolina in 2004. Bill Clinton chose to go back 20 years and compare Obama to a man who never held public office. Senator Edwards in 2004 and Senator Obama in 2008 had similar records and circumstances. South Carolina was more like 2004 in 2008 in terms of its economy, political make-up, and demographics than it was in 1988. At the least, the analogy was stupid. But Clinton’s don’t ever admit that they are liar. Is Bill Clinton a liar? “Well, that depends on what the meaning of ‘is’ is.” The Clinton’s are detestable.

    Go away Bill. I voted for you twice and used to defend you AND (sometimes) admire you (I hated your execution of Rector, who was lobotomized by a gunshot wound, I hated your scathing denunciation of a 22 year old intern you used like a concubine as “THAT WOMAN!!!!” even as you pounded your fist on the Podium and denied you “had sex with” her)

    BUT, I excused you time after time. I despise you now, Bill. You are a moral leper who has enriched himself and sullied the soul of our nation and our Democratic Party.

    Go away. You have powerful friends who need favors and more hundreds of millions to raise for yourself and your Library.

    You think of America as a giant Blue Dress and your eruptions as gifts: America isn’t and we are ashamed we voted for you.

    I will admit your right wing enemies, the Limbaugh/Wall Street Journal/Fox News (etc.) are a dangerous cabal. I hate what the right has done to the country I love. I think McCain is a senile idiot who thinks he is owed the Presidency just as much as Hillary thinks she is owed it. McCain has the tempermant and intelligence of a 75 IQ Dirty Harry.But you are shameful.

  88. Daryl Says:

    WPI- What are you smoking? What does Rev. Wright have to do with what Bill said? I would normally call you names but I am better than that. Does everyone like the way the government is running right now. Do you like politics that are dirty? Obviously some of you are not effected by this and accept the fact that the government will never change. That is just too bad and so you will get what you want…SAME OLD POLITICS with THE SAME OLD POLITICIANS….your living in the past and so will the United States if we stay the course with these SPIN DOCTORS……..Clinton’s. Great now Chelsea is going to eventually run for President…Great more Clintons!

  89. Suzan Says:

    How desperate does Obama and his campaign have to be to try to paint Bill Clinton as a racist? What a travesty! Bill has worked his whole to help the African American community. I understand why they would want to vote for Obama, but to paint Bill as a racist is as low as it goes.

    It makes me sick. No one in their right mind would believe it. Just look at his record. Look at Hillary’s record. Anyone who could accuse them of racism IS guilty of playing the race card. Sad, but true.

  90. Bill Says:

    We need 8 years of Hillary, because then we get 8 years of Bill. I know that I can trust the Clintons to tellt he hard truth to me every time. America needs a good dose of truth again, Bill and Hillary can bring us back to those better times of peace, security and a presidency that was the most honorable in the history of our country!

    Go Hillary!

  91. WPI Says:


  92. Ann Says:

    There is no room for racial differences while making the monumental decision concerning the future of our country. If we look at both candidates, equally, without ANY prejudice, it is obvious that Senator Clinton is the only candidate in the running who is qualified to lead ALL the people. Perpetuating racism is a sad endeavor.

  93. Michael Says:

    Another example of the media twisting Pres. Clinton’s words.

  94. Heather Says:

    I can’t believe any of you guys get to vote. This country is doomed.

  95. PA FOR OBAMA Says:

    Lets be real people… Obama has won more contest, more popular votes, more delegates. Each day more superdelegates shift his way. THE NEW VOTER (18-24) are voting for him. You think that the old tactics for campaining still work (Tv ads, radio ads). That’s so old fashion… Internet is the next big thing in Global campaining, and Obama has used his FULL STEAM MACHINE. Hillary really does not have a real change of winning this democratic primary. READ MY LINES… OBAMA WILL BE THE NEXT PRESIDENT. LIKE IT OR NOT. Do I need to remind people why back then Secretary of State, Collin Powers withdrew from the republican nomination… CLEARLY he was going to win over George W. Bush. Who then won over Al Gore. People want change. And now is the time. Join this movement that will help America suceed in the coming years.

  96. GeoffB Says:

    Audacte says:
    “Bill and Hillary must think we are very stupid if they can change what they say any given day and then make it seem like someone else’s fault that they are questioned on it.”

    But that’s exactly what they did for eight years, and when they were the media’s chosen Democrats and their foils were the Republicans, it worked. I see a lot of comments about the Clintons going down the tubes, but the truth is that they haven’t changed a bit from the early ’90s when they came on the national scene. What’s changed is that Obama is now the media’s darling which means he’s getting the same fawning coverage and glossing over of faults (as much as possible) that Clinton used to get, which leaves Billary in the Newt Gingrich role.

  97. WPI Says:


  98. Rufus Mubatu Says:

    Barry would never play the race card! Clinton is a closet racist as are many honkies.

  99. Pat Says:

    They say that “Birds of a feather flock together” and from what I have seen, and I hope I am wrong about this, since the Clintons have proven themselves to be outrageous liars, then those poeple posting on here for the Clintons must also be the same way. Poor, poor Pennsylvania. And I always thought it was such a good State.

  100. bob Says:

    I so, so want an .mp3 of Bill saying ‘I don’t think I should take any shit from anybody on that, do you?’

  101. Andrew Says:

    I believe the Clintons will play any card, any game, or anybody in order to get the White House.





  104. Amy Says:

    Bill Clinton will just say anything. Does he not KNOW that he’s being recorded, even while speaking LIVE in a radio interview??? So, now he denies that he EVER said Obama had played the race card. Listen to the interview. These are not words out of context — they are the words of a man so desperate to win that he will spin any lie, twist any fact, and misrepresent the words and deeds of others. I used to have so much respect for this man. I am sad to say that he really seems to be losing his mind.

  105. sagi Says:

    Obama is black only by his own blatent assertion.

    He could with equal justification call himself white.

    Or, more accuratly, 50/50.

    He has not had the black experience, or heritage … he was raised by his white mother and grandmother, and had little contact with his non-American black father.

    That he sees huge advantage by playing the black card, much more than he would by playing the white card, is a telling reflection …

    Not on him, so much, as on the people (like some of you) who are taken in by this con job.

  106. Steve Says:

    Unfortunately the more one talks to defend themself, the more poeple will gang up on them.

    Thats always the case. It’s unfortunate Bill keeps trying to defend it. It’s a waste of his time and yours for listening to it.

    They should talk about the real issues of our country’s problems.

    This is just another way to bash Hillary and Bill. The same is said when they bash Obama.

    Who will work harder for YOU?

  107. John Says:

    Interview? This was more of a monologue by Bill Clinton. No one has insinuated that he is a racist, yet Susan Phillips chose not to call him on this. Bad reporting.

  108. Craigo Says:

    The whole democrat party has become an Obamanation.

  109. matt Says:

    All you calling Obama a racist!!!!! get a life or just die! you are the biggest racists alive.. the guy is half white!!!! or dont you like the white (100%) in you?

  110. Barry Says:

    The thing about Bill Clinton is that it is always about Bill Clinton. Most of the time he doesn’t even use Hillary’s name when he is “campaigning” on her behalf.

  111. DOC Says:

    let me just say. check the facts here. While I am still an undecided voter, because as we all know, things change once in office, this particular comment is not something that the obama campaign came up with. Bill actually made the comment… there is a RECORDING of him saying it. how do you deny that. we, THE PEOPLE, are slinging negativity as bad as the candidate are. It baffles me, how this country can always find something to be divided on, no matter the situation… race, politics, religion…. Britney spears…. can we all just get along and focus our efforts on trying to keep this country stronger than those international powers who are trying to destroy us. I respect you all for your opinion and God Bless freedom of speech. Let’s just come together people… We need it now more than ever!!!



  113. Bill Says:

    We need 8 years of Hillary, because then we get 8 years of Bill. I know that I can trust the Clintons to tell the hard truth to me every time. America needs a good dose of truth again, Bill and Hillary can bring us back to those better times of peace, security and a presidency that was the most honorable in the history of our country!

    Go Hillary!

  114. Joey Lee Says:

    Now this is the biggest stretch I think I have seen yet, President Clinton playing the race card? You have got to be kidding! I thought this was some sort of joke at first, I should have known better. This is enough already, what else is there to “play next” on this Incredible First Family? What insult is next for this Best President of My Lifetime? And, the soon to be, the First Female President, Madame President Hillary Clinton*, BY FAR The Best of the Best of Class, of Experience and most of all, of These United States!
    Don’t let them get to You President Clinton(s)!, EITHER of them! Yet another drop of dog pile from the oh so Sparkling Candidate, well candidate of the PAST, Obama…

    Ciao Obama Fans,

  115. Big Papa DJ Says:

    How Stupid…folks are. Who gives a flying leap over SOMEBODY else’s opine on racial or non racial comments or not. Yes Bill moved to Harlem. Causing prices to double and only folks of a certain income class can by a piece of dirt there. Strom Thurmond loved black folks so much he had a relationship with one, fathered a child and took care of that child even after death all the while spewing some of the most racist rhetoric one could stand. Hey, even Thomas Jefferson loved his little lady to even keep her in slavery and not free her even in death. Just the kids.

    My point, racism is true on both sides. Perceived, Anticipated and Contrived. That’s not the point. Point is, the people want a democracy but we are a Republic. People want change but don’t want to pay more taxes or receive less service. People want truth but YOU actually believe a politician is going to change the world? Few of them survived to do so. For example, everyone laudes JFK and his greatness. Problem is that it was LBJ who was the seminal leader pushing Civil Rights and other agendas while failing miserably in Vietnam based on bad advice.

    What’s my point? My point is that Americans need to take a hard look at where we went wrong. The values we let dictate how we establish our history. Foolish economic choices in the pursuit of an absent dream. Want to know whose to blame. Don’t blame the men and women sitting in Washington. WE put them there. “We the people in order to form a more perfect Union.” Our price for that alacrity? Three sticks that vary little from each other running for president. Old one, black one, female one…but all three are sticks. Now is REALLY the time to PRAY for our nation. We’ll need it no matter who resides at the white house.


  116. KD in CT Says:

    How people can be dumb enough to be duped by the Clintons time and time again is just baffling. Not to mention a sad commentary on our country. If you voted for Hillary, just hang your head in shame.

  117. Mean Gene Says:

    Marjorie, you are the one who is an ass. Sharon was right on. Did you personally hear Bill Clinton’s statement after SC, or are you just going on hearsay? Anyone who suggests that BC’s statement was racist (i.e., the Obama camp) is the one who is playing the race card. That makes THEM the racists, not BC.

    Obama is unelectable. Too many unknowns, too bizarre an upbringing, too much sizzle, not enough steak. His camp accuses Hillary of using the “politics of fear?” If you think Kerry got “swiftboated,” just wait. The GOP will eat him alive. They won’t have a chance against Hillary.

  118. Kirkbrew Says:

    He won’t play the race card but will tell you that his office is in Harlem and how many “minority” judges and cabinet mambers he appointed?
    If that’s not a “race card”, I’m not sure what is.

  119. tammy Says:

    i think its great that he cussed at the end of it. he shouldn’t take any shit from anyone. it makes him real. people act like they don’t cuss. give me a break. go hillary, go bill.

  120. dave Says:

    what a crock. Yeah, a guy whose race makes up 12% of the population wants to play the race card with someone whose race makes up 70% of the population. Bill continues to insult our intelligence. Sadly, some can’t read between the lines.

  121. Ben Dover Says:

    Mean Gene — turn in your mancard for supporting that shrew. Hitlerly is despised by half the nation, she has zero chance to beat McCain. Obama is your only hope.

  122. Patti Says:

    the Clintons are NOT racists. HOWEVER>>>This race has showed me that Bill and Hillary will say ANYTHING to get themselves (oops, I mean Hillary) elected.

    Bill Clinton’s Harlem office location was not his first choice you know…it was affordability that placed him there.

    “Race card” is a B.S. statement. Obama is 1/2 black. My family is 1/2 black and 1/2 white. We don’t even have a box to check on the census question. We can choose I guess between white or black?????

  123. dave Says:

    i just listened to it. Jeez, what a wanker. I can’t believe i stuck my neck out for this guy for 8+ years down here in red Texas.
    He just said tht Obama’s campaign is calling him a racist@ They did NOT! No one accuses him of b4eing a racist. They accuse him of playing racial politics to get votes. Big difference Bill, and you know it. You just hope we are too stoopid to figure it out for ourselves.

  124. Nan Says:

    I totally agree with Bill Clinton on this. Michelle Obama, Jeremiah Wright and Obama himself in California can use racial comments to make their points, but Bill Clinton can’t! COME ON!! Thank you!!

  125. keepitreal50 Says:

    And as a note, Bill didn’t include whites in his response to the ‘why does it take both you and Hillary to beat Obama?’ The Jesse Jackson remark by Bill Clinton was in reference to blacks only. Bill just added the part about whites today. I’m sure that there is a clip to prove it. He’s a liar. A BIG ONE!!!!!

  126. Les Vivian Says:

    Where is the balance? Bill Clinton is given air time to make claims about Obama campaign memos and there isn’t any follow-up? Bill makes claims about what he said. Where are the clips or transcripts of what he said? It is very curious that the day before the PA primary Bill surfaces to make unsubstantiated and unchallenged claims. Shame on WHYY for not providing follow-up questions or links to the original material.

  127. keepitreal50 Says:

    Just because Bill and Hillary are seen not to be racist by some doesn’t mean that they can’t possibly play the race card. Be more intelligent than that folks. There are no absolutes. They swing back and forth like a an elephants trunk and will use whatever they can to benifit themselves. And in the process, have some of you folks blind as a bat!

  128. Fannie Says:

    I think Susan was trying to stir the pot, and create more tension by framing her question around S.C. Alot of people fell for the Obama trap
    in SC. Personally, I would take three Jesse Jackson’s and Al Sharpton
    over Obama anyday!

    It’s not so strange, and certainly not a problem when he says he isn’t taking the crap! You just keep trying to tear our former president down,
    and he isn’t going there with you! Good for him!

  129. Scott Says:

    I love it. I’m having so much fun watching idiot Democrats snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. They can’t even count on a sure thing….McCain has a lock now.

  130. Paul Tinker Says:

    And now he goes for extra (negative) points: Bill denies having said what you can clearly hear him say on the tape. It’s a little like he’s really losing his mind. His denial:

  131. R Says:

    check out the last few seconds after he says go vote. You can hear the open mic still and he asks if he can take any more of this sh*t today?

    Look, let’s face it. This question of race card is comical. I considered myself a Bill Clinton admirer from the intellectual standpoint. He had and sometimes has the knack for discussing a very complex topic or problem and making it relatable to those not in the know. But over the past months, i have experienced the disconnect that many Blacks worry about when it comes to many white liberals. Hey, this does not mean white people are bad. Not at all. What I will say though, is that meny white liberals do not recognize triggers regarding discussion of race and inequity that remind us of the disconnect. To say you have offices in Harlem is not a recognition of a lack of racism, considering that Harlem is being prepped and currently being gentrified for upscale economic gains for non-persons of color in the area. It does not address, that you did say race card at the beginning of the interview.

    We are dealing with very intelligent people here. And if…IF!…the Obama came used the race card, there was not even the insinuation that Bill is racist. Not even a speck. (guilty conscience?) But the fact that Bill defends a phantom insinuation of being a racist raises a flag for me. Look, I would have voted for Bill Clinton 100 times because I liked his analysis and approach to solving complex issues. I wish he would take a similar approach to addressing his comments, wife’s disposition, and his current disconnect from those blacks who thought that being poor and from Arkansas really did give him a sense of what it was like to be black in an American society that many times either makes us feel invisible or undervalued. Oxford and the Presidency cannot educate you on the that. And obviously black support for Bill hasn’t either.

  132. Bill Clinton Claims, Quite Unecessarily, That He is Not a Racist « Dork Nation Says:

    […] Bill Clinton Claims, Quite Unecessarily, That He is Not a Racist Posted on April 22, 2008 by Mark I know the big pull quote on this statement will be about Clinton’s caught-on-tape profanity, but listen closely as Pres. Clinton avoids the question, in a clever but sneaky way, posed to him regarding the South Carolina statement. The statement in question is his response to a reporter where he used the phrase “that’s bait, too,” not having to do with some conversation he had with elected officials as he claims in this radio interview. (not sure where to offer the fist tap, I first saw this posted at Time’s RCP, and later in my side bar at Super Tuesday Blog.) […]

  133. keepitreal50 Says:

    Les, these elections are always fixed in some kinda way. These politicians know we are not skilled enough in the business to point these things out in a timely manner. America has been fixed from the time it was founded on through to today. Don’t be surprised. You will hear about the fix after the damage is done and they some how screw Obama out of the [white house]. You know if they did it to Al Gore, they’ll definitely do it to Obama. Or they will eliminate, as history has shown. America has a proud heritage. Too bad Michelle Obama lost sight of how ethically great this country is, huh?

  134. Don Surber » Blog Archive » Daily scoreboard Says:

    […] Bill Clinton finds his tongue. Trips over it. Better to play the race card than to be the Joker. Point for […]

  135. Rufus Mubatu Says:

    YOU ARE CALLING BARACK A HALFBREED! Stop doing that. He is BLACK and he will not acknowledge that other defective part of him because he is beyond that.

  136. keepitreal50 Says:

    I don’t care were you grow up. You can’t know what it’s like to be black anymore than a black can know what it’s like to be white. Be nice if we lived in a country where it didn’t matter, but we don’t.

  137. keepitreal50 Says:

    Sharon, Your right. You do sound like a typical white woman. You don’t know what Obama has experienced in his life. That makes you atleast, ignorant!

  138. jcrue Says:

    Zing –

  139. keepitreal50 Says:

    Juullliiieee, guess what? The Clintons are in bed with the saudis and have been for a long time. And they are also in bed with Rev Wright. It’s been proven, juuullliiieee. Here’s a clue. When you keep your enemies close to you, bone headed errors like the ones the bushies have repeatedly made can be avoided. Guilt by association is very valid. But the guy is running for President. You don’t think he knew this stuff would come out? Of course he did. He has no obligation to any of them and he is proving that so the more the investigation goes on, the more this crap will be defused. There is nothing there. And if that’s your litmus test, make sure you give one to Ed Rendell too. He likes the Nation of Islam.

  140. Bill Clinton mis-speaks in 3…2…1… « The Sable Verity Says:

    […] Listen to Clinton on WHYY by clicking here. […]

  141. Denny, Alaska Says:

    The Democratic *party* is racist, and there are only small degrees of difference between Her Hillaryness and BO in their attempts at identity politics.

    (And Billy Boy’s on-video denials today that he “…never used the word [sic] ‘race card'” is simply beyond belief. Sheesh.)

  142. PersonFromPorlock Says:

    The basic rule of thumb is: when a politician complains about what his opponent’s *allegedly* doing, he’s putting up a smokescreen to hide the fact he’s doing it himself.

  143. Betsy Says:

    Bill is right to be frustrated and angry at the media and at Obamas campaign. The media and Obama have been twisting every word that comes out of his mouth and race baiting for months now. Obama has been race baiting to have an advantage in the states with a high percentage of Africa Americans and so far it has worked. I find Obama’s tactics disgusting and that is why i will NEVER vote for him.. If he is the nominee i will not vote or vote for McCain.

  144. pjm Says:

    Bill Clinton is a disgusting sociopathic human being and the thought of 4 more years of this loser/liar anywhere near the white house makes me want to puke.

    Bill and Hillary:

    GO AWAY!!!!


  145. Jeff Says:

    Why does Bill Clinton claim he did not say “I think that they played the race card on me.” when he did, in fact, say it?

    Maybe he was under sniper fire when he said it…

  146. JB Says:

    WHYY and Ms. Phillips are no more than cheerleaders for Sen Obama. I would never have believed to hear the rhetoric of WHYY commentators taking sides in a political campaign but you are no different than the MSM. It is true that Sen Obama played the race card and WHYY boasted this evening that the interview was already online–if anyone has caused a racial divide in this election, it is the one and only change and hope peddler of falsehood, Sen Barack H. Obama. As a AA, I am disgusted that Sen Obama has used the AA community to try and win this election. His failure to support Tavis and show up for the 40th Anniversary of Dr. King should be evidence of who and what Sen Obama is about–himself and his moneybag henchmen.

  147. HP Says:

    People – look at the results state after state and watch some TV interviews of African-Americans who are complaining they are being pressurized to vote for Obama because of race. Forget what Clinton did/did not do – just check the facts.

    We know all about the Clintons – the good, the bad and the ugly. What do we truly know about the Obamas? What makes him a better candidate – because he can read a well written and rehearsed speech which words borrowed from someone else? He has a problem with debates because he does not really have a clue or a clear plan. He is intellegent and knows how to pull the right strings of voters and contributors but that only shows he is a master manipulator. What we do know about him and his Campaign is they will be the first to blame the other side and the other side better not say anything else they will cry foul – sore losers?

    How much money has Obama raised over the last several months? Over 450M? How much did he spend on media – so why would media not continue to portray him as God and Clintons as the devils – they have more to lose by covering anything positive for the Clintons.

    What I know is Bill was a good president for all races, he really did work hard and did good for Avg. Americans, created jobs had a good strong economy thanks to his and the Rep. Senate and house policies. So, on his personal side he missed up and made mistake(s) – but I am willing to ignore it are you? Is anyone of you large enough to forgive and forget for the better of the Country and the citizens? Don’t forget Oil when Clinton came to power was north of $4.25 in North CA towards the end of his reign it was around $1.40. If Obama wins it will be near $6, your taxes if you make north of $150K will be in the range of 30% (eff rate). Long term Capital Gains will be treated the same as Short term as a result will be in the 30% range (eff rate). Those making under 50K will get about 1-2K in tax reductions so it will not be a big win. Most of the money will be spent in social programs for Public welfare which will be wasted money.

    Continue to spend as if there is no tomorrow and when it comes to paying back the loans – ask your Govt. to bail you out of your home mortgage, your car loans, your credit cards and student loans and the Govt. will gladly print more paper like there is no tomorrow. In the meantime high paying jobs will be exported out of the country thanks to the Corp. America which truly runs this Country (and do not expect Obama to change a thing about it because he wont and will not be able to he is promising the same things others did before him and he will not be the last because Corp. America will find a way to get rid of him) and more jobs flipping burgers will be created ’cause that is all we will be able to afford. Our economy will stall like Japans for decades and at 0% interest and Banks failing, the only safe place to store your worthless paper will be under your matteress.

    So, keep fighting about the race and play right into the Obama strategy (My opinion) or wake up and smell the coffee – sky is falling and it really is. If you want to try and change something go the Clinton way and may be there will be another short burst of fresh air for a little while before the next Bush comes to power 🙂

  148. Ben Says:

    Wait a minute. A guy says, thinking that he’s off-mike, that he shouldn’t take any s**t (using a word that almost all of us would use off-mike) about a wrongheaded allegation– and that’s supposed to make him look bad? Think, people. Think for yourselves. If you had a friend who said that same thing off-mike to another friend, would you think any less of the person? Of course you wouldn’t. You would think that he was being himself, being genuine, being truthful.

    Sheesh. The level to which our media has to stoop to find a sensational story.

  149. Paul R Says:

    I can see where it was twisted after hearing the Interview, And Bill is in fact right he has done more for the african american and people of color than any other president. Also I would like to say if hillary is anything like Bill maybe we will once again have money in our pockets, I’m tired of being broke.

  150. Anonymous Says:

    I’m sick and tired of people referring to Obama as the black candidate, or African American……………. It is a tough pill for a lot of people to swallow but Obama is BI-RACIAL! He is just as much white as he is black! The only race card that’s being played is by the media and by all you racists who want to paint him into an ethnic corner (the black one. to scare off those potential voters who, if they took the time to listen to his message, would seriously consider him). Praying on people’s fears, prejudices, and ignorance has long been a successful tool in getting people to vote against their own best intersts, as well as those of their fellow Americans.

  151. Anonymous Says:

    Experience is far over-rated. Ther is no position other than Vice President that can prepare you for the Presidency anyway. And Giving Hillary credit for the good things her husband did while in office is just ludicrus. I suppose you would consider the wife of Tiger Woods to be an expert on golf because she’s married to a professional golfer too? And the only real experience she had trying to bring Democrats and Republicans together to accomplish anything failed when she couldn’t get her proposed health care passed in the 90’s. and this is the person many believe can solve problems in a virtually evenly split congress? The truth is her judgement is questionable. She voted FOR the Iraq war. She supported NAFTA. and now she, and Bill, are using any and all means necessary including sinking low and hyping up the “race factor” to try to get this nomination which she can’t possibly get at this time anyway. Dems should be concentrating on winning in November. People of color knew long ago that it was only a matter of time before race became the issue. America, as a whole, isn’t prepared for anyone who isn’t caucasian in the white house. And no matter how many blacks support Obama, that race still only makes up about 12% of the population. I’m not saying Bill or even Hillary is racist. But A lot of Americans certainly are. Clintons are forced to use that to their advantage. They are desperate!!!!

  152. Kevin Says:

    All of this is a methodical process to distract people from the issues and messages of the candidates. This is about race. Not about the economy, war in Iraq, crime, health care, environment, etc. The Clinton campaign is on the brink of losing any hope even after the win in PA because they are so far behind. Desperate times call for desperate measures…

  153. Jim, L.A., CA Says:

    Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill….. get a grip, Buddy.. she’s gonna lose and then you’ll be stuck with her full time. Ahhhh, the blessings of retirement! Good luck, pal. ROFLMFAO

  154. F.T. Says:

    Bill and Hillary Clinton will do ANYTHING to claw their way back into the White House.


    The Democratic convention will be a war.

  155. Adrienne in CA Says:

    I don’t blame Bill for being frustrated the way his words are twisted to fit the media’s “he’s a racist” frame. I saw TV coverage of this non-incident. They aired only a few deceptively edited bits of Bill’s perfectly rational and detailed defense of his South Carolina remarks. They even turned the volume up louder to make it sound like an angry exchange. More people should hear this Q&A in context.

    Bill Clinton a racist? Hogwash
    Barack Obama an opportunist? Duh.


  156. Michelle O. Says:

    “I think that they played the race card on me.”

    Bill Clinton–radio interview

    “Sir, what did you mean yesterday when you said that the Obama campaign was playing the race card on you?” — TV news reporter

    “When did I say that and to whom did I say it? –Bill Clinton TV interview

    “On WHYY radio yesterday.” — TV news reporter

    “No, no, no, no. That’s not what I said. You always follow me around and play these little games. And I’m not going to play your games today. This is a day about election day. Go back and see what the question was and what my answer was. You have mischaracterized it to get a cheap story to divert the American people from the real urgent issues before us.”
    Bill Clinton–TV interview

  157. TeresaINPa Says:

    Bill Clinton is right. Keep playing the race card Obama, it helped lose you the primary in PA.

  158. loomaster Says:

    Let Obama be the new US president!!!

  159. A. Halsey Says:

    Democratic operatives are fond of implying racism in their opponents, but look at how the Democrat voters vote largely along racial lines! Is there hypocrisy here, or just dishonesty?

  160. David M. Quintana Says:

    The Obama campaign and their operatives have been playing the race card against Bill and Hillary Clinton from the start of this campaign…I urge you to read the following article by Sean Wilentz from The New Republic…

  161. SubrataATT Says:

    Interestingly enough, Bill Clinton becomes racist now. We have very short memory – he is the only US president who on record preached racial equality by citing scientific studies on genetic codes.

    He is the first US president to have an African American leader (Ron Brown) as a mentor and as a cabinet secretary in his administration. He is the president to have the most diverse cabinet that included many Jewish, women, African American and Hispanic secretaries. As a matter of fact, the 3rd most important position was held by a Jewish woman and the all important defense secretary position was held by a Republican.

    It is clear why Bill Richardson who made a career out of him (two promotions, Ha!) is now turning around and complaining that Bill Clinton used him for some personal political gain. People can easily cut through the camouflage and see who is after personal gain Mr. Richardson – hope you understand Bill Clinton is not eyeing the Vice President’s position.

  162. propaganda press Says:

    bill Clinton is still relevant?
    he’s a professional clown

  163. What Race Card??? : Chasing Thoughts . . . Says:

    […] Bill Clinton has recently been accused of playing the ‘race card’ against Obama.  Y-Decide 2008.  Hmm.  Okay, I am not a fan of Bill Clinton’s, but somehow this one doesn’t make […]

  164. Jim, L.A., CA Says:

    Jimmah Carter and Billy Clinton, the two young suthern boys, are repeatedly in the press commenting on this that and the other. When is the last time you heard a former Republican President comment in the same way? Bill is still an opportunist… but his office is in Harlem. He’s not the first resident of Harlem to be on the public dole, though…..

  165. Fred Says:

    Hillary Clinton is GOOD!
    Barack Obama is BAD!

    Vote for Hillary!

  166. becky Says:

    BILL CLINTON is probably the most unified person I have ever known. As he said, there were more African Americans holding offices when he was President than any time in history.
    Obama is probably behind this interview to do disrespect to Clinton. How much did he pay a reporter for this crap?
    MARTIN LUTHER KING would be ashamed of Obama! He did not stand for and die for this kind of race card tactics. AFRICAN AMERICANS that SUPPORT HILLARY STAND FOR WHAT KING FOUGHT AND DIED FOR!
    GO HILLARY!!!!! and God Bless you, Bill Clinton!

  167. Shane Says:

    Don’t forget that it was actually BILL CLINTON that was the first black president. No one can ever take that away from him!

    And Obama is only HALF black. Therefore, Clinton has him beat on both counts.

  168. Nan Says:

    Donald from SC Says:
    Donald wrote a long article about how Bill Clinton did play the race card. All I have to say is COME ON NOW!!! The African Americans have been supporting Barach Obama in almost full measure since before Bill Clinton ever said anything!! Thank you!!!

  169. Ariane Says:

    Clinton’s denial that he said what he clearly DID say on the radio is another one of those lies that seem to come so automatically.

    But I do not think that Bill’s original comment in SC mentioning Jesse Jackson’s campaign was a conciously racial thing; In fact OBAMA said that in an interview on ABC in January – he was asked if he thought it was an attempt to minimize him as “the black candidate” and he said NO – he said that at the time of Jackson’s presidential campaign Bill was into politics himself so it was natural for that example to occur to him. He was just giving an example of someone who had done well in SC but had not gone on to win — yeah he was dismissing Obama’s success, that’s political spin – – but I do not think it was an intentional attempt to dismiss Obama as “just the black candidate”. However I do see how some people took it that way – – and the media and some Obama supporters encouraged the misunderstanding. And if you heard the interpretation before you watched it, it was already planted in your mind.

    However I don’t think in most cases people were even saying Bill himself was a racist- – they were saying he was USING race.
    btw I am an African American who voted for Bill Clinton twice and voted for Obama in the primary (and neither one was because of their race).

    Another thing a lot of folks were upset by was Bill’s “fairy tale” comment. I saw just a one sentence soundbite of it, and his tone was just dripping with contempt. The way it was presented (I can’t remember in what story I saw it) I thought he was referring to Obama’s entire campaign as a fairy tale- -and to me it sounded like the equivalent of “What is that foolish Boy thinking with this fantasy that someone who’s not white could be President?” I was upset and felt sort of betrayed. Then I later saw a longer video of it and I realized I had misinterpreted what Clinton was talking about. He still had a sort of sneering sound but I no longer thought it was a racial thing. Context can make a lot of difference – – sort of like the experience of some who have taken the time to seek out the longer videos of Rev. Wright on the TRINITY YouTube channel or the truthabouttrinity blog and realized that it was a bit less offensive when they learned more of the context…. and were less likely to judge him so harshly if they learned more about his life his experience in the Marines and the Navy, how the white people who know him dont think he is a racist, how much the church has done for the community.

  170. CCT Says:

    Ariane says:

    “However I don’t think in most cases people were even saying Bill himself was a racist- – they were saying he was USING race.”

    Neat trick. “USING race” for political gain but not being racist. 😉

    Cheeky, nudge-nudge, oh-so-vague racial manipulations like Bill Clinton’s are among the most despicable.

    With regard to the “I think that they played the race card on me.” statement on the radio interview and his next day denial of same, the documentation renders Bill a proven liar.


  171. Re-reading the “first draft of history” « Y-Decide 2008 Says:

    […] Susan Phillips, meanwhile, is busy working of an account of her interesting primary day for the Columbia Journalism Review.  Stay tuned for a link to that coming […]

  172. On Liabilities « Tina K. Russell Says:

    […] clinton, campaign, election, hillary clinton, politics, sexism, us — Tina Russell @ 4:11 pm President Bill Clinton says the Obama campaign “played the race card” on him « Y-Decide 2008 (via Political Wire) “I think that they played the race card on me. We now know, from memos from […]

  173. DonnaD Says:

    I, for one, am sick and tired of this double standard used by the Obama campaign!! Bill Clinton was certainly NOT making any racist remark. The
    only one who benefited from this in the South Carolina primary was Mr. Obama!

  174. felicia Says:

    hey people
    Hillary Clinton finally got the news that Obama, won the nomination. We are so glad that the ignorance of Hill and Bill Clinton has finally shown it’s ugly head.

    I knew when Bill ran in 1992 he didn’t have the character to be president, I didnot vote for him either time, and am very honored to say I did not vote for his man-looking wife.

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